Nvidia SATA driver bricks Windows

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| Fairly typical was the case of a bloke who installed Windows XP adding the
| drivers at install with a USB floppy. Whenever he tried to copy a load of
| files across, whether through USB, network or local backup, he got a BSOD.


Microsoft loves to blame others too, but it does not change the reality of
using Windows.


Parking with Windows

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| Windows.
| One can't even park anymore without getting the Blue Screen of Death.
| Incidentally, the parking attendant couldn't figure out why I wanted to take
| a picture of the payment machine. For my part, I couldn't figure out why he *
| wasn't running a real operating system. :-)


Running Microsoft Windows Vista 64bit and 4GB Ram

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| I then ordered 4GB (2 sticks of DDR667) of ram from Newegg.com. Everything
| arrived fine, I installed the ram which is very simple. With a D630 it
| involves talking off the keyboard to insert the first stick and then to
| install the second stick you just have to remove the back panel. I stuck in a
| Microsoft Windows Vista 64bit version and started the install. Everything
| went fine, Vista installed rather fast so I was really happy at this point.
| It rebooted after successful install, was loading into windows and then blue
| screened. I was devastated lol.