Monster Savings from Virtualization on Sesame Street

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| Broadwater recently faced a budget crunch at the same time he needed new Web
| servers and was physically running out of room in his data center. His
| solution: new HP blade servers based on Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise server
| software, which builds in Xen's virtualization software (Xen is the leading
| open source alternative to VMware's offering.)

Novell has acquired Toronto-based PlateSpin Ltd.

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| Novell Inc. said Monday it has completed acquisition of PlateSpin Ltd., whose
| products are expected to allow Novell customers to use their computer systems
| more efficiently with a greater variety of applications.

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Novell's Still Suing Microsoft, And Says it Wants Discovery Now

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| Novell's latest 10-Q quarterly report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange
| Commission provides a flashback to its 2004 lawsuit against Microsoft under
| The Clayton Act, alleging the software giant wrongfully "eliminated
| competition" from the office productivity space. *
| [...]
| Notes Novell: "We intend to oppose the Petition (to go to the U.S. Supreme
| Court) and proceed with discovery before the trial court." Recent history has
| shown that Microsoft may have reasons for not being huge fans of the
| discovery process. * *