Cone of silence (finally) lifts on the spectrum auction

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| But now that the FCC's rules have lifted, we can. As you probably know by
| now, Google didn't pick up any spectrum licenses in the auction. Nonetheless,
| partly as a result of our bidding, consumers soon should have new freedom to
| get the most out of their mobile phones and other wireless devices.
| Google's top priority heading into the auction was to make sure that bidding
| on the so-called "C Block" reached the $4.6 billion reserve price that would
| trigger the important "open applications" and "open handsets" license
| conditions. We were also prepared to gain the nationwide C Block licenses at
| a price somewhat higher than the reserve price; in fact, for many days during
| the early course of the auction, we were the high bidder. But it was clear,
| then and now, that Verizon Wireless ultimately was motivated to bid higher
| (and had far more financial incentive to gain the licenses).



FCC opens curtain on Google puppetmaster

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| But one question remains: Did Google have any interest in actually winning
| those airwaves for itself - or was that open-access-pushing bid merely the
| final move in an epically-Machiavellian scheme to force Verizon into a
| wireless personality transplant? *
| Considering that Google bid more than $4.7bn to push the C Block auction past
| the reserve price, the truth is somewhere in-between. *

DJ Google, Sprint Pact Could Heat Up Wireless War

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| Wallsten, however, argued it is unclear their network will be truly open. "It
| doesn't seem consistent with Google's claims for open access and net
| neutrality," he said. "Clearly Google is going to benefit from this, and it
| will be easier to use (Google) than Yahoo" or other rival services.

AT&T slams Google over open-access wireless proposal

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| AT&T has asked Capitol Hill not to enable an open nationwide wireless
| spectrum, claiming that Google's lobbying of such a network is a bid by the
| search giant to obtain broadband airwaves at bargain-basement prices.

Google’s open access challenge

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| Since their wireless oligopoly is their primary source of profits, a
| successful move by Google could also force AT&T and Verizon to compete in the
| wired space, freeing more bits on their current networks, which are now being
| hoarded for pay TV services. *

5 pieces of overlooked news from Google’s earnings call

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| 2. Wireless. Google is committed to pursuing a future of open wireless
| networks for phones and other devices, where people can freely and simply, in
| Eric Schmidt’s words, “get a device, plug that device into a wireless network
| and be able to use the full capability of the Internet.” Why? Those people
| will “become very significant Google advertising users.” * *