[compiz] [ANNOUNCE] compiz-0.7.4

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| ==========
| Configurable handling of overlapping output devices.
| Enhanced focus stealing prevention with configurable amount of focus
| stealing prevention.
| Added configurable, optional delay for edge actions to prevent
| accidential invocation.
| Generalized vertex system to improve plugin compatibility.
| Optimized gaussian blur shaders to support more hardware.
| Improved unredirection of fullscreen windows.



Five Compiz features to boost Linux productivity

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| The cube is perhaps the most hyped feature of the 3D desktop. And,
| surprisingly, I found that once you actually start using it Cube is actually
| quite useful, and not just flashy. When cube is enabled you can use the
| Ctrl-Alt key combination together with mouse to rotate the cube and display
| all the desktops you have active. It is remarkably easy to use and actually
| makes it easier to switch through desktops rapidly.


Shelf Plugin preview

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| I’ve been working on a new Compiz Fusion plugin currently known as Shelf (it
| was named miniwin2 for a brief period, more on this further down). This is a
| fairly straight forward idea, and I’m doing this as a bounty for Canonical.


How Beryl/XGL and Deskbar simplified my life

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| I removed the standard Gnome Window List in favor of
| Beryl's Scale plugin. Beryl's Scale functionality
| resembles OSX's Expose functionality. Because the Scale
| plugin displays all the windows currently open and
| unminimized at a keypress, I can quickly find the
| window I want visually and select it either with
| the mouse or with the arrow keys.


Compiz Fusion Community News for 25th March 2008: Webgits, Curved Expo,
Wallpaper Re-Write!

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| Well, whise (The main developer of screenlets) has added functionality to the
| main screenlets branch which allows you to use web-based HTML widgets and
| gadgets as screenlets! Unfortunately, I’m not able to grab screenshots, but
| it allows you to grab the widget’s code location from Google Gadgets, Spring
| Widgets, WidgetBox and Yourminis Widgets and display that web widget as a
| screenlet. Darknesssssskrad makes a great video tutorial on how to grab a
| widget from the web and turn it into a screenlet * * *