Open source needs business matchmakers

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| “It clear that the open source movement has gone far beyond the web page
| development stage, which is set to revolutionise communication,” he said.
| De Wet also said that open protocols were needed for the industry to fully
| exploit open source software as a service.

The Brampton Factor: Open source 'brotherhood' closed to co-operation

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| Open source software is such a remarkable phenomenon that it has attracted
| psychological and sociological researchers - with some of their quite
| striking findings.


Open Source and Open Standards

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| The acceptance and success of open source development methodologies pose both
| a challenge and an opportunity for standards organizations such as the JCP.
| Some argue that standards are less necessary in an open-source world, or that
| the collaborative efforts of open source communities can develop "de facto
| standards" in a more agile manner than the more traditional standards bodies
| whose processes are necessarily more cautious and time-consuming. I believe
| that both open standards and open source are necessary; they can and should
| complement each other. Open standards are essential to enable multiple
| competing implementations, protecting against vendor lock-in. * * * *