Digikam Plans for KDE 4

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| Readers of the KDE Commit-Digest have probably noticed that Gilles Caulier is
| again on top with number of commits. On what does he work so furiously?
| Gilles is the main developer of Digikam which is under transition from KDE 3
| to KDE 4 whilst simultaneously adding new features. Read more to know more
| about the future of advanced digital photo management for KDE and Linux.


KDE 4 seems prettier than Vista and Leopard, but it's a matter of taste really.


KDE 4 rev 790000: Better stability and performance

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| This is another revision of the development version of KDE 4 environment.
| Lots of you have asked why it took me so long to publish this article. Well,
| I was just waiting for rev 790000, that’s all. I hope that your curiosity
| will be satisfied since there’s been a lot of changes to describe this time.
| I did my best. * *


KDE 4.1: Visual Changelog (rev 783000)

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| You don’t always see this in the official changelogs but the KDE 4
| development is progressing in an extraordinary speed. After a deep look at
| rev 777000 we are presenting you a new visual review of changes made to KDE 4
| during the last couple of weeks. *