Open source vendors focus on SOA coders

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| Open source vendors MuleSource Inc. and WSO2 Inc. are focusing on making life
| easier for coders working on service-oriented architecture (SOA) projects.
| [...]
| "The open source vendors are much more sensitive to the developer community
| than you see from the larger closed-source platform vendors," Shimmin
| said. "Although those platform vendors are great on tools, it's really the
| smaller companies like MuleSource, WSO2, Red Hat and Iona, as well as Sun
| that are keenly aware of just how much work goes into building an
| application."

MuleSource CEO: Mule 2.0 will kick enterprise butt

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| MuleSource has launched a major upgrade of its open source Enterprise Service
| Bus software that offers a new Eclipse integrated development environment,
| easier configuration and stronger Spring integration.


Open source firms MuleSource, Zmanda net extra funding

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| MuleSource, an open-source provider of infrastructure and
| integration software, raised US$12.5 million in its Series
| B funding, adding to its initial $4 million round of
| investment from October.