Learn Git in an Hour with PeepCode's Git Screencast

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| Linus Torvalds developed the Git version control system to manage the Linux
| kernel project, but it's useful in a wide array of projects, large and small.
| PeepCode's Git screencast helps you get started with Git and leverage its
| power.


Gobolinux 014.01 - Release Notes

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| We are pleased to introduce GoboLinux 014.01, the new release of GoboLinux,
| the Linux distribution featuring a rethought file system structure. This
| release is our first "point release", providing a stability update for our
| latest major release, GoboLinux 014, which was released three months ago.


Distribution Release: GParted LiveCD 0.3.4-6



Git is the next Unix

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| Much like Unix itself, git's actual software doesn't matter; it's the file
| format, the concepts, that change everything.
| Whether they're called git or not, some amazing things will come of this.


GIT 1.5.4, "An Unusually Long Cycle"

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| "The latest feature release GIT 1.5.4 is available at the usual places,"
| began Git maintainer Junio Hamano. He continued, "it has been an unusually
| long cycle. 5 months since the last feature release 1.5.3 was really a bit
| too long. But I hope it was worth waiting for. Thanks everybody for working
| hard to improve it." He noted that there were 165 contributers resulting in
| 684 changed files, included 70,435 insertions and 28,984 deletions. * * *


Linux: Graphical Git Statistics

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| Jungseung Lee announced the first public release of gitstat