Accenture and Sun Microsystems Unveil New Solutions for Enterprise-Wide

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| Approximately a year ago, Accenture and Sun announced a partnership to build
| security solutions that could be deployed quickly while providing a high
| degree of identity assurance. The new solutions announced today are designed
| to help organizations take an extended enterprise-wide approach to security
| by providing pre-built, implementation-ready systems, which help reduce
| complexity and risk, while also reducing cost.

Sun is also bundling with Amanda, which has this new major release.

Amanda 2.6 - A major new release of the Open Source Backup Software

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| Amanda 2.6.0 represents a huge step forward in Amanda's evolution - improving
| ease of installation and configuration, security, and scalability.
| Furthermore, this release makes Amanda a platform to develop advanced backup
| and archiving applications and makes it easier for developers to contribute
| significant functionality.


Lustre to run on ZFS

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| Sun plans to use Lustre as part of a Linux-based stack for high-performance
| computing systems.


Sun deploys Linux high performance cluster at Kuwait Oil Company

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| Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has deployed a Linux-based High Performance Cluster
| from Sun Microsystems to run its reservoir simulation software, increase its
| processing power, and enable the company to take critical business decisions
| faster than ever before. *

Sun's X64-Based Streaming Server Runs on Linux

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| The Linux used in the system is one that Kealia created for itself
| based on an undisclosed commercial distribution with some real-time
| hooks in it to boost the responsiveness of the system. Over the long
| haul, you can bet that Sun will port the Streaming System software
| to Solaris.