What Happens When You Call Microsoft Support To Remove Linux?

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| For this April Fools’ day, I’ll call Microsoft to help me uninstall Linux.
| Yes, that’s right. Microsoft would willingly help me uninstall Linux, they
| even have a Knowledgebase article on it, and all I would need to do is tell
| them I’m having some problems following the KB article, and they would
| helpfully guide me through it.


At least he was answered by a real person (see bottom for context).

Communication with Free Software supporters, developers

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| I believe the problem of communication is by far the biggest problem and
| obstacle in the adoption of free software. I believe we have solved all the
| major technical problems in the adoption of free software, and the ones that
| remain are either being worked on or in testing. What has yet kept us from
| becoming the dominant supplier of software is our way of communication and
| marketing. Oh, I hear my readers mumbling: “here comes another free software
| detractor”. Actually, this is my best attempt at gathering attention upon an
| issue I can not solve by myself.


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Microsoft Building Searched By Feds Investigating High-Priced Hookers

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| Federal investigators executed a search warrant at Microsoft's Mountain View,
| Calif., offices earlier this month as part of an investigation into a
| high-priced call girl ring similar to the one used by former New York Gov.
| Eliot Spitzer. *