Skilled-Worker Visa Applicants Expected to Soar

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| The visa stalemate has prompted some companies to expand overseas. In
| September, Microsoft opened its first software-development center in Canada,
| saying it enabled the company to recruit and retain highly skilled
| people "affected by immigration issues in the U.S."

Blackmail for cheaper labour, under the guise of many lies and excuses.

Microsoft co-founder backing Bitove's attempt to gain hold in wireless

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| Microsoft Corp. co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen has agreed to back
| investor John Bitove's attempt to gain a position in the Canadian wireless
| industry during the spectrum auction in May.


Bidders Set for Airwaves Auction

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| Vulcan Spectrum LLC, a company owned by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul G.
| Allen, also qualified. Among Allen's many investments is Charter
| Communications Inc., a cable company with 5.7 million subscribers. *

Patent troll? Say it ain't so, Paul Allen

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| Digeo is a company that's famous for two things, and neither of them is
| the product it makes. Thing One: it is funded by Vulcan, the venture
| company owned by one of the iconic figures of the computer business,
| Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Allen is also the chairman of
| Digeo's board. Thing Two: Digeo has done far better extracting licensing
| fees for its patent portfolio out of companies like Palmsource and,
| presumably, Yahoo, than it has selling its interactive-TV systems.

Microsoft co-founder looks to add to spectrum cache

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| Allen, through Vulcan Spectrum LLC, disclosed a commitment earlier this week
| to bid at the Jan. 24 auction, alongside companies including Google Inc. and
| AT&T Inc. *

CPE STB vendor goes retail with Linux-based DVRs

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| Paul Allen's Digeo venture is perhaps best-known in the Linux
| community as the employer of Andrew Morton, Linux 2.6 maintainer
| and right-hand man to Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

Linux and FlipStart

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| On the subject of Linux, one reader recently asked whether Paul Allen's new
| FlipStart miniature computer had been tested for use with the open-source
| operating system...
| "We have tested various flavors of Linux on FlipStart and it will
| run just fine..."

Review: the Little Laptop That Can't

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| I wanted to write this review on the FlipStart -- I really did. But
| after a few sentences, my wrists hurt, my thumbs felt clumsier
| than ever, my eyes were scrunched and my shoulders were hunched.
| When the pricey FlipStart hits the market the last week of March,
| I bet I won't be the only average consumer who takes a pass.