Supercomputing at less than the cost of a loaf of bread

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| A supercomputing, pay-per-use service that would make supercomputing
| affordable to small and mid-sized businesses as well individuals who need
| added computation power, was announced Tuesday.
| [...]
| The user connects using Secure Shell or SSH, according to Dave Gibson, who
| heads business development at Interactive. The computer is run by
| Interactive's partner Tsunamic Technologies.

Who would support Windows in this space with ~1% market share? [troll


Bringing Supercomputing Power Down to Size

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| Now the computer industry is poised for a second transformation, in which
| supercomputing technology is trickling down to corporate data centers and
| desktop PCs, supplying them with unprecedented power. *

Linux in more than 90% of top supercomputers

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| Other operating systems, such as AIX (4.8%), Solaris (0.4%) and Mac OS X
| (0.4%) make the list, but Linux is alone at the top, where it is used in 459
| systems or 91.8% of the top supercomputer systems.