On China's Web, Microsoft just another contender

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| While China is considered to be one of the world's most promising Internet
| markets, Microsoft Corp. has struggled to establish a strong position in the
| region as it deals with both internal and external pressures.


The company Microsoft is after has just distanced itself from Yahoo (and
Microsoft, by association) and Microsoft now refuses to raise the offer. Links

Intriguing remarks by antitrust officials

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| With the tension over Microsoft's unrequited bid for Yahoo quietly building
| last week, there were several interesting developments and comments in the
| world of antitrust regulation. Consider this a very early pre-race analysis
| of an upcoming event in the Microsoft-Yahoo acquisition Olympics: The
| 400-meter regulatory hurdles.


Details about an aggressive (yet quieted down) proxy war below.


China Law Could Impede Microsoft Deal for Yahoo

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| Microsoft’s hostile-takeover attempt against Yahoo may encounter an
| unexpected hurdle in August after a Chinese antimonopoly law takes effect
| that will extend the nation’s economic influence far beyond its borders.


What’s Yahoo worth to Microsoft without Alibaba?

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| One of Yahoo’s best arguments for getting Microsoft to raise its offer to
| acquire the company–the portal’s stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba–is
| in jeopardy courtesy of antitrust regulations in China.
| The New York Times reported Friday that a Chinese monopoly law that goes into
| effect in August could likely throw a roadblock in front of Microsoft’s bid
| for Yahoo.


Has Microsoft secretly lined up new Yahoo board?

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| If closed-door negotiations are going on, Yahoo is acting strangely by taking
| steps to make itself unpalatable to Microsoft. Yahoo not only signed on to
| support OpenSocial, but to lead a consortium to promote it. OpenSocial is a
| rival data portability standard that Microsoft does not support but Google
| does. On the surface, that seems like no big deal, but Google aims to kill
| Microsoft's Office cash cow through its online office and collaboration apps.
| The ability for users to easily sort through their social networks to find
| contacts from Gmail (and now, Yahoo Mail) is key to this effort. * * *


Yahoo Battling 7 Shareholder Suits

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| Yahoo Inc. is facing seven shareholder lawsuits alleging the slumping
| Internet pioneer bungled its response to Microsoft Corp.'s unsolicited
| takeover bid. *


Yahoo sued by Chinese dissidents again

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| Yahoo faces another lawsuit over its actions in China. Several Chinese men
| are suing the company and its Hong Kong subsidiary claiming they were harmed
| because of Yahoo's cooperation with the Chinese government. *


Yahoo says Microsoft's bid is distracting workforce

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| Yahoo stated the obvious in its annual report on Wednesday by saying
| Microsoft's bid to buy the company is distracting executives and employees.


Yahoo Sued for Spurning Microsoft

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| Two Detroit pension funds have sued Yahoo Inc. and its board of directors,
| saying they breached their duties to shareholders in trying to thwart a
| takeover by Microsoft Corp. *


Microsoft's IBM Moment

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| News Commentary: Microsoft can only lose if it enters into a proxy fight
| against Yahoo.
| Supposedly, Microsoft is ready to make a hardball maneuver to replace Yahoo's
| board of directors. A proxy fight would be a highly aggressive move from a
| company that for years sought to remake its tarnished public image. Antitrust
| cases on two continents portrayed Microsoft as a bully, which is a label a
| Yahoo hostile takeover may just revive. * *


A Yahoo Proxy Contest: How Good Are Microsoft’s Chances?

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| Microsoft refuses to boost its Yahoo bid, valued at $31 a share a few weeks
| ago. It refuses so thoroughly, in fact, that the Redmond, Wash., software
| giant may be willing to wage a proxy battle to oust Yahoo’s board, according
| to this report. (To do that, Microsoft must nominate a new slate of directors
| for Yahoo within the next three weeks). * *


Microsoft Usually Doesn’t Do This Sort of Thing. Except It Does. All The Time.

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| When Microsoft proposed its $31 a share takeover of Yahoo, the deal’s rich
| 61% one-day premium seemed a necessary part of the audacious bid: at a price
| like that, who could refuse? *


How Yahoo went from Web star to Microsoft prey

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| A desperate, expensive bid to beat Google; turf wars among divisions


Microsoft to Authorize Proxy Fight at Yahoo

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| In an escalation of its fight for Yahoo, Microsoft will authorize a proxy
| fight at the Internet company this week, people briefed on the matter told
| DealBook. Unless Yahoo quickly reverses course and enters into talks,
| Microsoft would then seek to nominate a slate of directors to Yahoo’s board
| by March 13, the final deadline for nominations, and pursue a lengthy
| campaign to oust the board. * *


Why Microsoft Should Fret

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| But what if at stake in the battle isn't just Microsoft's position in selling
| ads, but the very survival of its core software business? Microsoft would
| never admit that so much is on the line. *


Microsoft to take case to Yahoo shareholders: report

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| The board believes Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft is trying to take advantage
| of some recent weakness in Yahoo's share price in order to "steal" the
| company, the report said. *


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| Microsoft is threatening to launch a boardroom coup at Yahoo! within six
| * * * * * * *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| weeks if the internet search engine fails to accept its $45 billion (£23
| billion) hostile takeover proposal or start serious merger talks, The Times
| has learned.


Options Before Microsoft: Upping Bid; Tender Offer; Hostile Takeover; Pressure

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| Hostile board overthrow: This would be the most contentious, and Microsoft
| has indicated its willingness to go through with this if need be: it could
| seek to oust Yahoo's board at its next election; it would have until March 13
| to nominate a new slate of directors. Yahoo has taken "poison pill"
| provisions, and Microsoft have to oust the board to get past these
| provisions. * *


Microsoft Replies To Yahoo Rejection

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| The response to Yahoo's "no thanks" to a $44.6 billion acquisition held the
| not-so-subtle threat of a more aggressive takeover action by Microsoft.
| [...]
| "The Yahoo response does not change our belief in the strategic and financial
| merits of our proposal. As we have said previously, Microsoft reserves the
| right to pursue all necessary steps to ensure that Yahoo!’s shareholders are
| provided with the opportunity to realize the value inherent in our proposal,"
| Microsoft said in their statement. * *


Microsoft rejects Yahoo! rejection

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| Steve Ballmer still wants to swallow Jerry Yang's company.