ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of Epiphany

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| We will propose WebKit as an approved external dependency for Gnome.
| In case that we are unable to complete this development in time for
| 2.24.0, we will delay the new Epiphany to 2.26. For this end, we will
| maintain the gnome-2-22 branch in a state that allows us to potentially
| make the 2.24.0 release off of that branch.


Creating rich Internet applications on Linux with WebKit

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| The open-source WebKit HTML rendering engine is rapidly gaining ground on the
| Linux platform where it is increasingly being adopted by conventional desktop
| applications for content display. Ongoing efforts to facilitate tighter
| WebKit integration are opening the door for developing rich Internet
| applications on Linux with the open-source GTK and Qt development toolkits. ┬* ┬*

Browser Wars - Reloaded

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| The dispute over WebKit and KHTML reached a new peak today. With Harri Porten
| yesterday a KHTML supporter already pubslished his position on the subject
| and today Zack Rusin, a WebKit supporter, answered. ┬*

Webkit vs. Mozilla: Should Firefox jump on the Webkit bandwagon?

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| As the Mozilla folks start making plans to plan for the Mozilla 2 codebase,
| Matt Gertner over at the AllPeers blog has a radical suggestion: Dump the
| Gecko rendering engine and embrace WebKit. ┬*

Opera files EU antitrust suit against Microsoft

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| Opera Software has filed an antitrust suit against Microsoft in the European
| Union, accusing it of stifling competition by tying its Internet Explorer web
| browser to Windows. ┬*
| The complaint, which was filed by the Norwegian firm with the European
| Commission yesterday, says Microsoft is abusing its dominant position in the
| desktop PC market by offering only Internet Explorer as a standard part of
| Windows, and hindering interoperability by not following accepted standards
| with IE. ┬* ┬*
| Opera is asking the Commission, the executive branch of the European Union,
| to force Microsoft to unbundle IE from Windows, or include other browsers as
| a standard part of its operating system. It also wants it to require
| Microsoft to adhere to industry standards with its Web browser. ┬*