Techs and execs collaborate on Linux apps

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| In more and more Linux deployments at banks and brokerages, the business side
| of the operation is getting heavily into the act. Collaboration is becoming
| the keyword, and suddenly Linux developers find they're being joined by
| executives.


Linux on Wall Street (2008)

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| 2008 Linux/Open Source on Wall Street will focus on enterprise Linux and open
| source technologies, and their adoption in the datacenters of financial
| markets firms. Killer applications, including virtual appliances and
| virtualization, Linux-as-a-Service and realtime/low latency Linux will be
| explored, as will the practicalities of deploying open source stacks in
| business-critical, high availability scenarios. ¬* ¬*


Linux steps up to power NZ Stock Exchange

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| The New Zealand Stock Exchange is moving to a Linux platform for its
| settlement and clearing system, replacing its existing HP NonStop platform
| and applications in order to reduce cost and increase flexibility. ¬*

HP Linux servers bolster NYSE trading app

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| "We favor Linux for what we do. We don't want to be beholden to any one
| [hardware or software] supplier, even if it is very good. We want the freedom
| to be vendor-independent, so Linux was a good choice," said Rubinow. ¬*


SEC goes after stock spammers, hackers

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| The SEC action to freeze the assets is the third filed in as many
| months involving market manipulation schemes conducted through
| online account intrusions. In the past the SEC has also taken
| action against individuals who allegedly broke into financial
| news Web sites or news release services.
| [...]
| "When spam clogs our mailboxes, it's annoying. When it rips
| off investors, it's illegal and destructive," SEC Chairman
| Christopher Cox said in a statement.

London Stock Exchange blames outage on Infolect

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| She said the problem appeared to lie with Infolect’s three interactive
| gateways, which send out about 10 million separate pieces of market
| information daily, including share prices, to about 100,000 terminals. ¬*
| Infolect was launched two years ago in place of the exchange’s London Market
| Information Link platform. It uses Microsoft .net technology and a SQL Server
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| database, and runs on more than 100 Intel-based 32-bit Proliant servers. ¬*

Bank group takes Linux migration a step at a time

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| Metropolitan Bank Group is a large conglomerate in Illinois, comprising 10
| banks and $3 billion in assets. As Metropolitan acquired more banking
| interests, IT Director Tom Johnson needed to find a way to reduce costs and
| increase efficiency in the face of the company's rapid growth. The solution
| was a migration from Windows to Linux. ¬* ¬*

FNB [Bank] switches 12 000 desktops to Linux

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| With 12 000 desktops switching to Linux this is very likely the
| most significant Linux and open source implementation in South
| Africa to date.