Software & Energy (and no, this is not a green post)

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| So here's the analogy: open source companies are much like regulated energy
| companies, although they are regulated not by governments, but by communities
| and customers. Red Hat's solid business is "regulated" by the Linux community
| and open source software licenses, and the level of service expected by its
| customers.
| [...]
| I think the future looks similar to the energy industry: large technology
| companies will have a mix of regulated and unregulated businesses, that
| maximizes the advantages of both. For standard, widely-used technologies,
| open source "regulation" makes sense because it lowers development costs and
| provides a standards-based, predictable subscription base of business.


EU regulator: Let consumers pick telecom standards

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| The European Union's telecommunications watchdog has called for
| regulators to take a backseat in setting standards--and allow
| consumers to take the lead by picking the platform that offers
| the services they want.