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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 09:21:16 -0400
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Subject: [announce] NYCBUG Wednesday April 2 on ZFS
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Wednesday April 02, 2008

ZFS on FreeBSD

6:30pm, Suspenders Restaurant

Ike & Yarema will tag-team this meeting.

ZFS the breakthrough file system in FreeBSD 7 (ported from Sun's

Solaris 10 Operating System) delivers virtually unlimited capacity,

provable data integrity, and near-zero administration. However FreeBSD`s

sysinstall(8) does not yet support installing the system onto anything

more exotic than a commonly used UFS partition scheme. Furthermore,

FreeBSD`s boot loader(8) cannot yet load the kernel and modules from ZFS.

This meeting will cover installing FreeBSD 7.0 on ZFS as the root

filesystem with a boot partition on a GEOM gmirror. Attendees are

encouraged to read, download and try the zfsboot scripts at

http://yds.CoolRat.org/zfsboot.shtml The rational behind the zfsboot

script will be demystified and an install will be demonstrated. Anyone

who brings a (minimum 1 Gig) USB thumb drive can go home with a bootable

"root on ZFS" installer. Anyone who brings a hard drive can go home with

FreeBSD installed on a ZFS root.


Yarema has been a FreeBSD administrator for more than a decade. A

contributor to the FreeBSD ports collection. Likes to mouth off about

his latest exploits with the OS only to be rewarded by getting

"volunteered" to do a lecture at an upcoming NYC*BUG meeting.

Ike has been orbiting NYCBUG since the beginning. Not only does he not

think within the box, he doesn't even know there *is* a box. He used to

give talks on jail(8) in New York, but since he`s been banned from it,

he is forced to do them for other unsuspecting BSD users at conferences

like AsiaBSDCon and EuroBSDCon.
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