Her project for KDE4 is to develop a set of interface
guidelines with fellow usability and design expert Ellen.
Celeste is currently studying her MS in interaction design
and information architecture, a specialised information
design degree. Simply put, her concern is with information
and how users interact with it. Her major goal with the
interface guidelines is to promote some kind of consistency
between interfaces. ...

The KDE4 HIG aims to be a far more comprehensive document to
the very simple guidelines that existed for KDE3. KDE3šs
guidelines, Celeste says, were very high level and really
only covered what was fairly well known ŒŠwhich worked okŠ
until you ran into the edge casesš. Celestešs ultimate goal
for KDEšs new HIG is to make it ŒŠ. feel like a more unified

With excellent frameworks to draw on, a cohesive look and
feel designed by our interface experts, and a great flair
brought off by our artists, KDE4 will be well worth the wait.

Consistency between interfaces!
A more unified environment!
Cohesive look and feel!

What? I was told this was not needed - that KDE was not "broken" and had no
need to be fixed. Man, I never expected someone with Rick's claimed
experience to be so wrong.

Um, OK. So I did.

UI consistency is a very important part of usability. I do hope that the
Linux "advocates" in COLA eventually understand this - maybe if I show
enough OSS supporters in the real world who get what they do not? I hope

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