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This is a discussion on Linux hits 6.1% on March! - Linux ; * Matt peremptorily fired off this memo: > Linonut wrote: > >> But, in any case, all too many developers in >> the commercial arena do not feel they have even time enough for one >> platform, and so they ...

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Thread: Linux hits 6.1% on March!

  1. Re: Linux hits 6.1% on March!

    * Matt peremptorily fired off this memo:

    > Linonut wrote:
    >> But, in any case, all too many developers in
    >> the commercial arena do not feel they have even time enough for one
    >> platform, and so they stick with the largest platform.

    > Partly inertia, partly lack of tools. I don't know, but I understand
    > GTK+ is kind of a mess, and Qt suffers from licensing issues.

    Inertia, sure. Lack of tools? Nah! In addition to GTK and Qt, there's
    wxWidgets and the Fox toolkit. Then there's Python, and even Perl and
    Tcl/Tk can be used to reasonable effect.

    I normally don't do GUI programming, but I took one of our GUI apps
    (shows a bunch of widgets representing a map of an installation, and
    you can click the widgets to cause hardware to do stuff) that someone
    else had written using Qt, and ported it to Linux over a weekend.

    I don't think Microsoft tools have much on Linux tools except looks
    (maybe), and an annoying level of integration. I know two guys, one who
    really likes Eclipse (though he uses it on Windows mainly) and another
    who really likes Netbeans.

    There's really no excuse these days, for not programming in a
    cross-platform manner, unless you are "locked-in". You snooze, you

    Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't
    -- Bill Gates, The Road Ahead (1995)

  2. Re: trolls get linux figures wrong AGAIN!

    On Wed, 07 May 2008 21:38:58 +0000, Matt wrote:

    > William Poaster wrote:
    >> On Mon, 05 May 2008 12:27:43 -0400, Linonut wrote:
    >>> * Bob Campbell peremptorily fired off this memo:
    >>>> "Dr.Hal0nf1r£$" wrote in
    >>>> message
    >>>>> The thing is that under 7% of users use Linux:
    >>>> Actually under 1% do. The title of this thread is wrong. Linux hit
    >>>> .061% in march, not 6.1%
    >>> Not according to Gartner.
    >>> Oh, I didn't notice before. You're one of those nuts who prefers to
    >>> lie shamelessly about numbers.

    >> Even M$ themselves state that Linux users are about 17% of all Internet
    >> users. The trolls can't get *anything* right, can they.

    > Where did MS state that? 17%? Nobody believes that.

    This wasn't stated by M$:

    December 1998

    A report from IDC says that Linux shipments rose by more than 200% in
    1998, and its market share rose by more than 150%. Linux has a 17% market
    share and a growth rate unmatched by any other system on the market.

    (Note that was in *1998*, so what do you think it is NOW!)

    In 2005 Microsoft Executives deposed in sworn testimony before Courts
    that Linux users made up over 17% of all Internet users with a growth rate
    of >3% per annum.

    Ever since September 2006, M$ report this in *every* SEC filing:

    Item 1A. Risk Factors

    Our operations and financial results are subject to various risks and
    uncertainties, including those described below, that could adversely
    affect our business, financial condition, results of operations, and
    trading price of our common stock. Please refer also to our annual report
    on Form 10-K for fiscal year 2006 for additional information concerning
    these and other uncertainties that could negatively impact the Company.

    Challenges to our business model may reduce our revenues and operating
    margins. Our business model has been based upon customers paying a fee to
    license software that we developed and distributed. Under this
    license-based software model, software developers bear the costs of
    converting original ideas into software products through investments in
    research and development, offsetting these costs with the revenue received
    from the distribution of their products. We believe the license-based
    software model has had substantial benefits for users of software,
    allowing them to rely on our expertise and the expertise of other software
    developers that have powerful incentives to develop innovative software
    that is useful, reliable, and compatible with other software and hardware.
    In recent years, certain ´open sourceĦ software business models have
    evolved into a growing challenge to our license-based software model. Open
    source commonly refers to software whose source code is subject to a
    license allowing it to be modified, combined with other software and
    redistributed, subject to restrictions set forth in the license. A number
    of commercial firms compete with us using an open source business model by
    modifying and then distributing open source software to end users at
    nominal cost and earning revenue on complementary services and products.
    These firms do not have to bear the full costs of research and development
    for the software. A prominent example of open source software is the Linux
    operating system. Although we believe our products provide customers with
    significant advantages in security and productivity, and generally have a
    lower total cost of ownership than open source software, the
    popularization of the open source software model continues to pose a
    significant challenge to our business model, including continuing efforts
    by proponents of open source software to convince governments worldwide to
    mandate the use of open source software in their purchase and deployment
    of software products. To the extent open source software gains increasing
    market acceptance, sales of our products may decline, we may have to
    reduce the prices we charge for our products, and revenue and operating
    margins may consequently decline.

    Now, do you *seriously* think they'd be worried enough to add that if
    Linux users were only at 1% (or less) of all Internet users?

    And you *seriously* think that if linux users were only at 1% or less,
    Ballmer would have stated that Linux was The Number One threat?

    If you do, I've a bridge I can sell you, or an old metal tower in France.

    Mandriva 2008.1 64-bit.
    This message was sent from a
    computer which is guaranteed
    100% free of the M$ Windoze virus.

  3. Re: Microsoft: Linux hits 26.1% of ALL internet users, 2Q 2008 SEC report!

    AHappyCamper wrote:
    > Who should know the numbers better than Microsoft, and the Quarterly
    > SEC reports, filed under severe penalty of perjury, reflect the
    > genuine facts.

    cola: MS is an evil liar.
    cola: MS is above the law.
    cola: MS is incompetent.

    Then all of a sudden: MS knows better than anyone.

    I guess I better believe whatever cola says about Microsoft, whichever way
    the wind is blowing that day.

    > Microsoft lists Linux as the ultimate competitor, with annual growth
    > of Linux use being reported by Microsoft analysts of 3%+.

    Local loon 7 says 60% per year.

    > Now, with Sun certifying Ubuntu, not only MS is facing competition,
    > but, Suse, Novell, et al can see the writing on the wall. Hook up
    > with a huge hardware vendor!

    Just don't go to work for them. After wasting big bucks buying MySQL, Sun
    is laying off 1500 to 2500 employees.

    > You can try an easy Linux distro, Linux Mint!

    Freezes up nearly every day, reboots required:

    > In the NGO arena, more of the donation centers are sending out FREE
    > Linux systems to all the children in the world, which is helping to
    > provide education, unencumbered with virus or malware.
    > Local group of 20 builders converted in two weeks, no longer having to
    > pay MS for MAR licenses! That saves them ~$5500 a year! Output is
    > predicted to triple with Linux!

    Nice! cola idiot extraordinaire Rube said Linux will help ensure the
    "survival all of mankind as a free, informed and tolerant civilization."

    That and $2.75 will get you a cup of coffee.

    > Also saved is all the manhours wasted in reporting to MS and spying
    > for MS on recipients of the units!
    > Install time cut from the average 3.5 hours for MS on any machine,
    > down to 41 minutes per machine install of Linux! These are all 'server
    > provided installs', just like OEMs use, for 'efficiency' and speed!
    > Level playing field and Linux is the winner in this situation!

    Linux "won" a long time ago, remember? It's hard to say exactly what it
    "won", but it just did.

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