The open source dilemma and the IT sandwich

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| r0ml also outlined how he has taken steps to overcome this situation at
| Asurion by empowering staff to create their own solutions using commodity
| building blocks and a few simple rules. It was heartening to see how many
| other IT executives in the audience had also made moves in the same
| direction, and given advances like Amazon Web Services it seems likely that
| more and more enterprises will deliver at least some of their IT like a deli
| in the future.


'Fortune Cookie Chronicles': 40,000 egg rolls... to go

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| Luddite me made a surprisingly funny joke to two techies after reading
| Jennifer 8. Lee's delightful The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the
| World of Chinese Food. "McDonald's is to Microsoft as Chinese restaurants are
| to Linux," I chirped confidently. My friends at first couldn't believe what
| had just come out of my mouth – technology and I do not get along – and then
| they couldn't stop laughing. * *
| For those of you still scratching your head, here's Lee's more thorough
| explanation: "If McDonald's is the Windows of the dining world (where one
| company controls the standards), then Chinese restaurants are akin to the
| Linux operating system, where a decentralized network of programmers
| contributes to the underlying source code. The code is available for anyone
| to use, modify, or redistribute freely." * * *

Linux for everyone

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| I found myself just enthralled by the breadth and depth of the tools that
| were available from Linux, even in those very early days. It’s like going
| from living in the desert to walking into an all-you-can-eat buffet. *