Xbox LIVE downtime planned for April 1st

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| For anyone who signs into their 360 console in the next couple of days will
| be delighted with news (I’m sure) that Xbox LIVE will be down for
| approximately for 3 hours on April 1st 2008 to “upgrade” the service.

It doesn't look like a joke. Another new classic:

Three years of gaming down the drain

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| It all began when I made a phone call to Microsoft Xbox Live support. I’d
| been an Xbox LiveXbox Live member for many years prior to the 360 launching
| and when it was released I promptly became a Gold member. This was until I
| went to University and decided that I’d no longer need my account. However I
| made a fatal error which would curse my account and thus my gaming history
| would be consigned to history thanks to Microsoft.

Microsoft Gets Worst-Movies-Ever Producer to Create Exclusive Xbox Live Shows

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| Apparently, Microsoft and Safran think that Xbox Live video users are retards
| with short attention span problems.


PS3 tops Xbox 360 again; Microsoft cites shortages

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| Nintendo's Wii led by a wide margin in U.S. video-game console unit sales in
| February, followed by the Sony's PlayStation 3, according to data released by
| the NPD Group this afternoon. Microsoft's Xbox 360 came in third among
| current-generation consoles for the second straight month. Here are the
| numbers that NPD released:
| Nintendo Wii: 432,000
| PlayStation 2: 352,000
| PlayStation 3: 281,000
| Xbox 360: 255,000

Bill Gates May Have to Testify In Xbox Fire Case

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| The lawyer for the family of a teenage girl who was horribly burned in a
| house fire allegedly sparked by a faulty Xbox game console is threatening to
| have Microsoft chairman Bill Gates testify about the safety of his company's
| offshore manufacturing practices. *

MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

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| Microsoft executives will be a little red-faced today after an Xbox 360 on
| display at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco
| contracted the infamous ‘Red Ring of Death’ disease. *


Microsoft Admits ALL Xbox360's Are Defective

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| Though Robbie Bach, head of Microsoft's Xbox360 Division refused to elaborate
| on the issue, the general consensus is that it's one of botched thermal
| design management and inadequate dissipation of heat leading to component
| failure. *

Raikes and Other Exits

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| It's weird that Mini and all the commenters here have failed to notice the
| mass exodus from the Xbox team in 2007. By my count, more than 15% of the
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| product team (dev/PM/test) have left Microsoft for Apple, Sony, Google,
| Yahoo, MySpace, Amazon, and various other companies (including several
| startups, local and in the Valley). * *

Microsoft facing $1bn Xbox bill

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| Microsoft, has not revealed how many of its machines have suffered the
| problem, but said the number was "bigger than we are comfortable with."