Patents and Small Companies

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| Brad Feld, a venture capitalist, described software patents as an “evil
| scourge on our planet” that stifle innovation and believes technology has no
| value by the time it is patented. Feld stated software patents should be
| abolished and the problems of software patents would be solved with large
| companies creating patent software commons of cross licensing the patents.

And the bullies are still at it...

Busting a Rogue Blogger

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| Troll Tracker gained repute as a forum for information, not invective. But
| its more volatile content would eventually combine to blow up the blog and
| land its creator and Cisco in legal hot water. A reader comment in December
| contained a death threat against Chicago attorney Raymond Niro Sr., who has
| long represented trolls. Two Texas attorneys were enraged by Troll Tracker
| reports suggesting that the lawyers may have had dates altered on a court
| document—a felony. By the end of last year, Niro had put up a $15,000 bounty
| to unmask the anonymous blogger, and Internet sleuths had tried to track him.

That Ray Niro guy is truly scum. Not only does he troll, but he also attacks
critics. He's like a new-age Mugabe.


Blogger, Revealed

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| Live by anonymity, die by anonymity.
| Yes, I have been unmasked. It happened quite the way this blog happened - I
| got an anonymous email, from the guy who probably collected the bounty,
| telling me I better tell everyone who I am (and he clearly knew), or else he
| would take care of it for me. The clear threat in the email is that he would
| do it in a way I wouldn't be happy about. I don't know what that means, but
| as I have been growing weary of anonymity anyway, here I am. * *
| [...]
| Someone may have made $15,000 or so from a bounty posted by Ray Niro on this
| one - not sure I'll ever find out who or how. I don't actually even care.

Boca Resort Opens New Front in Assault on Global Patent Holdings'
JPEG-on-a-Website Patent

,----[ Quote ]
| Ray Niro emailed me yesterday, complaining about the personal attacks being
| made on him in Slashdot.
| [...]
| He also tells me he now definitely knows who I am. I'm waiting for
| confirmation, since he didn't tell me my name. Then we'll see. According to
| him, one of my "friends" turned me in for the cash. Thanks, whoever you are,
| if true.
| Meanwhile, I might as well get rid of a couple of posts I have saved, and was
| planning to post next week, when I'm not going to be able to post for various
| reasons. You know, go out with a bang, so to speak!