Hands-On With the Asus Eee PC 4G Windows XP Version

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| When we reviewed the first iteration of the Eee PC we had three main gripes:
| The webcam can't yet be used for video chats, it's not easy to load new
| applications, and there is no mobile broadband support. All three of those
| issues were solved in the Windows version of the system. We were even able to
| load Verizon Wireless' mobile broadband software and plug in a UM150 USB
| modem.


It's the same story with OLPC. Windows merely catches up with Linux hardware


One laptop per child and open source

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| For once Microsoft is getting the reverse Linux laptop experience:
| little support and little documentation for the hardware. The result
| will be a platform that doesn't include any of the really novel
| features that we're building in, bad power management, no systems
| management via the firmware and apps that will randomly crash because
| they can't fix the virtual memory problem in the same way we're
| approaching it. A second class citizen, to be sure.
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