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> From: J...@stellar.demon.co.uk (Joseph Michael)
> Subject: Venture capital scene
> Date: 1998/08/24
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> I've faxed almost around 100 of the UK's venture capital companies
> to prepare for something that is coming up in 6 months time..
> This time I seem to be getting a good response - but the funny
> thing is that as a UK inventor, almost nothing had changed - except for
> the
> fact that I had tied up with a US outfit which is one of the easiest
> things I had the pleasure of doing business with! :-)
> After trying 4 years to get these guys interested, I can't
> imagine why they would take such an interest now particularly
> since a lot of the benefits of the venture can't now end up in the UK.
> Another point I noted was some of these companies in the BVCA apparently
> can't read a letter, do not have e-mail or access to web browsers or
> at the very least don't know how to use such technology! :-)
> Its sad when you see something like that in this day and age and
> a person signs their name Sir ........ ............ :-)
> Somebody help me out here - what must we do?
> ---Letter Sent---
> Date: ......
> Dear Mr. ....... .....,
> I am one of those unexpected inventors that has
> made something new that is so profound, and yet
> so very rare to witness - a fundamentally new
> technology that is valued at several billion dollars.

Typical "7" retard claims. How linux has 27% marketshare and how there's
over a million new linux desktops each month and all that crap. Here the 7
retard is spewing about how his new "technology" is valued at several
billion dollars. Who exactly is valuing this... oh, the 7 retard himself
pulled this number out of his ass.

> Close to 150,000 has been spent over the past 4
> years on patents (which are now in granted status
> & pending status in key industrial countries) and
> prototypes.

The 7 retard is also a hypocrite. Patents are bad and evil except when he
wants to get patents to protect his 7-braincells worth of IP.

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