Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Microsoft, US Chamber of Commerce want increase in H1B visa cap
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | With the filing of application for H1B visa, widely sought by Indians,
> | for the next fiscal set for April one, the US Chamber of Commerce and
> | major corporations like Microsoft are pushing for extending the cap on
> | the numbers for benefit of the American economy.
> `----

Microsoft_US_Chamber_of_Commerce_want_increase_in_ H1B_visa_cap
> It's from the India Times.
> Infosys and Wipro, which were among the zombies to vote "yes" to OOXML,
> have just announced some more collaborations with both Wintel and
> Microsoft. There was an article or press release about it.

Infosys and Wipro should search their souls and become a humble
company once again.

They should retrain into Linux and offer more integration
and developmental services to
RHAT, Ubuntu, Gentoo, ArchOS, etc and also take Linux software
to the far east like Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan
and offer it to them to put on new embedded devices. Linux is selling 3
million+ devices per DAY. It is easy to push that up to some 8 to 10
million devices per DAY but only if there is software for the devices!!!
There are no Linux engineers left in India. I should know, I paid
for advertising to hire them but they tell me the ones that phoned
hadn't graduated, but were shipped out to Bangalore before they finished!t
For fsck sake! Talk about a vacuum!
The remaining majority are all lost in the past dreaming
of a second coming of windummy OSen. Its not gonna happen!
Meanwhile some 5 to 7 million embedded Linux devices wait for software
to be developed for them. Also all the big corporations needing
massive infrastructure and services projects don't have anywhere to turn to
for fully supported mainstream Linux supported by big development teams
like the ones Infosys and Wipro could offer.