10 Reasons Why Linux Ubuntu is Better than Windows

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| # No Viruses - Thats true! as Linux does not recognize Win32 Executables so
| the possibility of having a virus on-board is absolutely 0%
| # Open Source - Unlike Windows, Linux distributions are open source and the
| source code can be edited and modified to the most to suit your needs.
| # Better Learning - While Windows just teaches you how to install and run a
| program, Linux helps you do that using a Terminal. So if you fall in a
| situation where you don’t have a GUI, you can operate things well.
| # Free Software - Every application and software on Linux is free and open
| source. You don’t need to worry about licenses anymore and you can always
| find a better and free Linux alternative to a Windows application.
| # Easy to Use - This point may seem ironic but is true to a lot of extent.
| Linux Ubuntu is one of the most user-friendly and easy to use Linux
| distribution which even beats Windows XP and Vista in usability and ease of
| use.
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Webcams that just work with Ubuntu Linux

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| The GNOME Foundation Board asked me to buy a webcam for the GNOME Events Box,
| so we could show Cheese on our stands. This could be cool together with the
| box’s new projector. I also wanted a webcam for my own use so Liam’s
| grandparents can see him in motion more often. So this was an opportunity to
| discover if any two available webcams really “just work” with Ubuntu, after
| doing some research and guessing. The results were great.



One man writes Linux drivers for 352 USB webcams

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| A lone hobbyist programmer sitting at his home in France is responsible
| for adding 352 USB webcams to the list of those supported by Linux. He
| tells the INQUIRER about this often unknown and unrecognised achievement.