Open Source and Open Standards

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| The acceptance and success of open source development methodologies pose both
| a challenge and an opportunity for standards organizations such as the JCP.
| Some argue that standards are less necessary in an open-source world, or that
| the collaborative efforts of open source communities can develop "de facto
| standards" in a more agile manner than the more traditional standards bodies
| whose processes are necessarily more cautious and time-consuming. I believe
| that both open standards and open source are necessary; they can and should
| complement each other. Open standards are essential to enable multiple
| competing implementations, protecting against vendor lock-in.

How Microsoft killed ODF

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| Hasn't anyone learned anything over the last few years. It doesn't matter if
| OOXML is approved or not. All that matters is that the process that gave ODF
| it's international standing is ruined. ODF got where it is today because it
| is an international standard, not because it is necessarily the answer to
| every possible question. People believed in the ISO process and believed that
| a standard with their seal of approval was actually worth something in the
| real world. By badgering, bribing and threatening, Microsoft has effectively
| destroyed the ISO process. So who cares if OOXML becomes a standard or not?
| No one if there isn't gold standard for it to be judged against. While ODF
| was a saint, the sinner of OOXML looked very dark and shabby. Now Microsoft
| has cast doubt on the lineage of ODF everyone is a sinner.

"Consultants: These guys are your best bets as moderators. Get a well-known
consultant on your side early, but don’t let him publish anything blatantly
pro-Microsoft. Then, get him to propose himself to the conference organizers
as a moderator, whenever a panel opportunity comes up. Since he’s well-known,
but apparently independent, he’ll be accepted - one less thing for the
constantly-overworked conference organizer to worry about, right?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * -- Microsoft


Need some data to support your cause? Hire an analyst

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| raises an important issue about the integrity of research being done
| by industry analysts. Namely, if a sponsor pays for the research, do they get
| favorable treatment in that research? *
| [...]
| I'm not suggesting that the research is corrupted. I'm just suggesting that
| it's hard to remove the taint of sponsored research. Just take a look at
| Gartner's "Hype Cycle" on open source, which is woefully inaccurate, probably
| in part because Gartner gets its information from the vendors who sponsor its
| research, not the customers who are buying into open source in droves. * *
| So, the next time you read a report, blog entry, or article, consider who
| pays the writer (including when reading this blog).

Microsoft's Sponsored OOXML Study

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| Today, Microsoft made available an IDC study about so-called open desktop
| file formats. It's yet another Microsoft propaganda effort, as a crucial
| format standards vote approaches. *