Has Microsoft secretly lined up new Yahoo board?

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| If closed-door negotiations are going on, Yahoo is acting strangely by taking
| steps to make itself unpalatable to Microsoft. Yahoo not only signed on to
| support OpenSocial, but to lead a consortium to promote it. OpenSocial is a
| rival data portability standard that Microsoft does not support but Google
| does. On the surface, that seems like no big deal, but Google aims to kill
| Microsoft's Office cash cow through its online office and collaboration apps.
| The ability for users to easily sort through their social networks to find
| contacts from Gmail (and now, Yahoo Mail) is key to this effort.


They are doing a proxy jobs while trying to make it seem friendly to reduce PR
damage (hiding evidence).

Barriers remain:

What’s Yahoo worth to Microsoft without Alibaba?

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| One of Yahoo’s best arguments for getting Microsoft to raise its offer to
| acquire the company–the portal’s stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba–is
| in jeopardy courtesy of antitrust regulations in China.
| The New York Times reported Friday that a Chinese monopoly law that goes into
| effect in August could likely throw a roadblock in front of Microsoft’s bid
| for Yahoo.



Yahoo Battling 7 Shareholder Suits

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| Yahoo Inc. is facing seven shareholder lawsuits alleging the slumping
| Internet pioneer bungled its response to Microsoft Corp.'s unsolicited
| takeover bid. *


Yahoo sued by Chinese dissidents again

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| Yahoo faces another lawsuit over its actions in China. Several Chinese men
| are suing the company and its Hong Kong subsidiary claiming they were harmed
| because of Yahoo's cooperation with the Chinese government. *


Yahoo says Microsoft's bid is distracting workforce

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| Yahoo stated the obvious in its annual report on Wednesday by saying
| Microsoft's bid to buy the company is distracting executives and employees.


Yahoo Sued for Spurning Microsoft

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| Two Detroit pension funds have sued Yahoo Inc. and its board of directors,
| saying they breached their duties to shareholders in trying to thwart a
| takeover by Microsoft Corp. *


Microsoft's IBM Moment

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| News Commentary: Microsoft can only lose if it enters into a proxy fight
| against Yahoo.
| Supposedly, Microsoft is ready to make a hardball maneuver to replace Yahoo's
| board of directors. A proxy fight would be a highly aggressive move from a
| company that for years sought to remake its tarnished public image. Antitrust
| cases on two continents portrayed Microsoft as a bully, which is a label a
| Yahoo hostile takeover may just revive. * *


A Yahoo Proxy Contest: How Good Are Microsoft’s Chances?

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| Microsoft refuses to boost its Yahoo bid, valued at $31 a share a few weeks
| ago. It refuses so thoroughly, in fact, that the Redmond, Wash., software
| giant may be willing to wage a proxy battle to oust Yahoo’s board, according
| to this report. (To do that, Microsoft must nominate a new slate of directors
| for Yahoo within the next three weeks). * *


Microsoft Usually Doesn’t Do This Sort of Thing. Except It Does. All The Time.

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| When Microsoft proposed its $31 a share takeover of Yahoo, the deal’s rich
| 61% one-day premium seemed a necessary part of the audacious bid: at a price
| like that, who could refuse? *


How Yahoo went from Web star to Microsoft prey

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| A desperate, expensive bid to beat Google; turf wars among divisions


Microsoft to Authorize Proxy Fight at Yahoo

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| In an escalation of its fight for Yahoo, Microsoft will authorize a proxy
| fight at the Internet company this week, people briefed on the matter told
| DealBook. Unless Yahoo quickly reverses course and enters into talks,
| Microsoft would then seek to nominate a slate of directors to Yahoo’s board
| by March 13, the final deadline for nominations, and pursue a lengthy
| campaign to oust the board. * *


Why Microsoft Should Fret

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| But what if at stake in the battle isn't just Microsoft's position in selling
| ads, but the very survival of its core software business? Microsoft would
| never admit that so much is on the line. *


Microsoft to take case to Yahoo shareholders: report

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| The board believes Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft is trying to take advantage
| of some recent weakness in Yahoo's share price in order to "steal" the
| company, the report said. *


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| Microsoft is threatening to launch a boardroom coup at Yahoo! within six
| * * * * * * *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| weeks if the internet search engine fails to accept its $45 billion (£23
| billion) hostile takeover proposal or start serious merger talks, The Times
| has learned.


Options Before Microsoft: Upping Bid; Tender Offer; Hostile Takeover; Pressure

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| Hostile board overthrow: This would be the most contentious, and Microsoft
| has indicated its willingness to go through with this if need be: it could
| seek to oust Yahoo's board at its next election; it would have until March 13
| to nominate a new slate of directors. Yahoo has taken "poison pill"
| provisions, and Microsoft have to oust the board to get past these
| provisions. * *


Microsoft Replies To Yahoo Rejection

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| The response to Yahoo's "no thanks" to a $44.6 billion acquisition held the
| not-so-subtle threat of a more aggressive takeover action by Microsoft.
| [...]
| "The Yahoo response does not change our belief in the strategic and financial
| merits of our proposal. As we have said previously, Microsoft reserves the
| right to pursue all necessary steps to ensure that Yahoo!’s shareholders are
| provided with the opportunity to realize the value inherent in our proposal,"
| Microsoft said in their statement. * *


Microsoft rejects Yahoo! rejection

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| Steve Ballmer still wants to swallow Jerry Yang's company.