Phoenix, CyberLink Team on Virtual Media Player

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| Phoenix Technologies , which developed the HyperSpace parallel OS platform
| earlier this year, has partnered with CyberLink to develop a version of the
| company's DVD player that exists alongside Windows.

More for context at the bottom. Sun does hypervisors also, but like Microsoft,
it's still catching up..

Sun's xVM virtualization wares run red with catch-up

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| Topping everything off, Sun has only just started working with VMware in a
| meaningful way, leaving it well behind the other major server makers.


This is why I’ll always remain a Microsoft skeptic

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| But the real reason for Microsoft’s capitulation became clear on March 7 via
| a new joint-status report in the Microsoft-Department of Justice case. It
| turns out BIOS maker Phoenix Technologies (a long-time Microsoft partner)
| filed a complaint with antitrust regulators about Microsoft’s virtualization
| restrictions. * *


New Phoenix BIOS will run Linux apps when Windows fails

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| The basic concept is that an embedded Linux OS will accompany the core system
| firmware or BIOS, allowing instant-on applications to be run from it at any
| time. *

Phoenix HyperSpace: Quick-Boot Your Laptop

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| Phoenix Technologies' new HyperSpace is an instant-on environment for
| laptops, letting users launch a browser or other apps with booting into the
| OS. *
| Today, Phoenix Technologies introduced a firmware product called HyperSpace,
| which allows PCs to run a number of applications separate from the operating
| system. What that means is that if you use a PC equipped with HyperSpace, you
| will be able to quick-boot your notebook into a secure Linux environment,
| where you can use Web browsers like FireFox and pre-loaded Web-aware apps
| like Google Earth, Picasa, and the like. * *
| [...]
| Also, since HyperSpace is a Linux-based platform, Windows viruses won't
| affect it.

Microsoft nonchalant about Phoenix assault on Windows

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| BIOS maker Phoenix Technologies Ltd.'s plans to market a new application
| platform the company claims will solve a number of problems endemic to
| Microsoft's Windows platform might be taken as a provocative gesture at their
| longtime partner. But Redmond's immediate reaction was nonchalant. *
| On Monday, the Milpitas, Calif. software maker announced Hyperspace, a
| Linux-based virtualization platform that will let OEMs bundle cut-down
| versions of popular open-source software that end users will be able to
| access instantly, even without booting Windows. * *