Jim Griffin says ISP music tax only one possibility

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| Pundits, music-industry insiders and members of the public are bashing Warner
| Music Group exec Jim Griffin after he acknowledged in a interview that he is
| working on a plan to collect music fees from consumers via their ISP bills.



RIAA boss: Move copyright filtering from ISPs to users’ PCs

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| The issue of encryption "would have to be faced," Sherman admitted after
| talking about the wonders of filtering. "One could have a filter on the end
| user's computer that would actually eliminate any benefit from encryption
| because if you want to hear [the music], you would need to decrypt it, and at
| that point the filter would work." Â* Â*


Copyright Extensions and ISP Filtering: Breaking EU Culture, One Amendment at a

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| As you may recall, the European Parliament's forthcoming report on the
| Cultural Industries has become the latest target of lobbying by the recording
| industry. First, they attempted to insert language that advocated that
| European ISPs filter and block their own users on the basis of suspected
| infringement. As we explained to European Members of Parliament, such
| policies would not only harm the privacy and security of Net users - they
| would not even work to combat infringement. Like DRM, everyone would lose,
| including the music industry and artists that IFPI seeks to protect.


AT&T and Other ISPs May Be Getting Ready to Filter

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| For the past fifteen years, Internet service providers have acted - to use an
| old cliche - as wide-open information super-highways, letting data flow
| uninterrupted and unimpeded between users and the Internet.
| But ISPs may be about to embrace a new metaphor: traffic cop.
| At a small panel discussion about digital piracy here at NBC’s booth on the
| Consumer Electronics Show floor, representatives from NBC, Microsoft, several
| digital filtering companies and telecom giant AT&T said the time was right to
| start filtering for copyrighted content at the network level.