Malware to blame in supermarket data breach

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| That mode is in contrast to attacks on databases, the method used to
| compromise 45.7 million accounts over a two-year period in a data breach of
| customer records at TJX Companies, the operator of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls
| retail chains.

It's hard to secure Windows when 4 out of 10 Windows machines are zombies PCs.


Bots rule in cyberspace

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| USA TODAY REPORTS that on an average day, 40 per cent of the 800 million
| computers connected to the Internet are bots used to send out spam, viruses
| and to mine for sensitive personal data. *

What spooks Microsoft's chief security advisor

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| Speaking at the Boston SecureWorld conference Wednesday, the 19-year
| Microsoft veteran whose job includes protecting enterprises, developers and
| Microsoft itself said there actually is plenty of good news on the security
| front. For example, his outfit scans a half million devices (with customer
| permission) per month and in the first half of last year saw the first
| period-over-period decline in new vulnerabilities disclosed across Microsoft
| and non-Microsoft software since 2003. * * *
| However, 3,400 new vulnerabilities were discovered and “it’s still a big
| number,” Arsenault says. “So if vulnerability rates are down, where are
| they?” *