Red Hat cheerleading purges Q4 profits

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| Red Hat's profit rose 7 per cent during its fiscal fourth quarter, with a
| healthy bump in revenue offset by the open source software distributor's
| increased sales, marketing, and R&D expenses.
| [...]
| Red Hat bought a lot of that precious momentum, raising sales and marketing
| expenses to $52.1m during the quarter, compared with $39.7m year-over year.
| Research and development during Q4 was $26.3m, up from $20m.
| For the full year, total revenue increased 31 per cent to $523m compared with
| fiscal 2007. Subscription revenue rose 32 per cent from the previous year to
| $449.8m.

Spending slowdown hits Oracle third quarter

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| Oracle's third quarter has proved even a rapacious acquisition strategy can't
| render you immune to a slow down in customer spending.

Oracle tries to evolve by eating someone else's lunch.

With free clustering for Unbreakable Linux, Oracle goes after Red Hat

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| In an apparent competitive swipe at Red Hat Inc., Oracle Corp.announced on
| Wednesday, March 26, at InfoWorld's Open Source Business Conference that it
| would add Clusterware to its year-old Oracle Unbreakable Linux support
| program for all basic and premium-package customers -- and for free.



Red Hat "outperform"

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| Analysts at Robert W Baird reiterate their "outperform" rating on Red Hat Inc Â*
| (RHT). The target price is set to $25.


RHEL just tripled the size of its ISV ecosystem!

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| Through that series of announcements, Red Hat is lining up its complete RHEL
| strategy and making it clear that it can fit all deployment scenarios -
| traditional or emerging - through the exact same RHEL bits. That proves the
| flexibility of RHEL as a distribution and also factually multiplies the size
| of RHEL’s ecosystem by further enabling all existing RHEL’s ISV on two new
| emerging scenarios, Virtual Appliances and Cloud Computing. While that might
| seem like a trivial statement, it is far from the truth. Just look at VMWare
| for example: while they are getting great traction in the virtualization
| field, it is going to be very difficult for them to enter the two emerging
| fields discussed above, as they have a pretty much empty ISV ecosystem today.
| And you don’t build an ISV ecosystem overnight (you can partner with one or
| acquire one, but not build one overnight).

Red Hat Sees Green

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| The Linux operating system that Red Hat's business is built around is
| free to share and distribute. But while it's easy to become an
| open-source distributor, it's more difficult to become expert
| enough with the stuff to make a living supporting it. Take Red
| Hat rival Novell. The Waltham, Mass.-based software company has
| struggled since moving into the open-source software business
| and positioning itself as an alternative to Red Hat, with its
| shares falling more than 35%, to $7.18 from $11.38, over the
| past three years.

Customers happy with Red Hat/JBoss connection

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| "I don't think anybody sees the JBoss acquisition as a negative thing,"
| Engate says. "The only ones who might see it as a negative are their
| competitors."

Red Hat doubles JBoss funding

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| Open-source specialist Red Hat claims that it is doubling the
| amount of research and development investment in JBoss -- the
| open-source application server company it acquired last June.