Wind River Unveils New Commercial Grade Linux Platforms

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| This release of Wind River Linux will be based on the 2.6.21 Linux kernel. In
| addition to the advancements made in the 2.6.21 kernel, Wind River will
| provide users with 64-bit application support, including tools for both
| kernel and user space debugging across all supported architectures.

Hitachi Releases New Version of Embedded RDBMS

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| “With this latest version of Entier, Hitachi has opened new doors for
| developers of converged and mobile applications,” said Jason Pettit,
| Director, Linux Platforms, Wind River. “The ability to execute multiple
| simultaneous searches within the database helps developers using device
| software platforms such as Wind River Platform for Consumer Devices, Linux
| Edition create differentiated applications, deliver an advanced customer
| search experience, and generate new revenue streams by providing periodic
| updates to device content .”

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Wind River and Celunite Partner to Deliver Advanced Platform for Linux Mobile

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| By integrating the Celunite mobile Linux platform, mobile applications suite
| and development tools with Wind River's Linux kernel and development tools,
| the companies will significantly reduce development costs and shorten
| delivery schedules for the entire mobile phone industry - chipset
| manufacturers, OEMs, integrators and operators. * *

Wind River Joins LiMo Foundation, Reinforces Commitment to Reduce Complexity of
Linux for Mobile Handsets

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| Wind River becomes the first commercial Linux provider to join the open
| source mobile platform consortium.

Wind River is on the block: IBM is lead buyer

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| Wind River, a leader in real-time and embedded Linux is up for sale. Sources
| close to the deal say IBM is the buyer.