Taming the GIMP with KDE window-specific settings

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| There are many window-specific settings that you can change in KDE to tailor
| the GIMP, or any application. By modifying various settings, you can get GIMP
| to behave the way you want and better suit your work style. Experiment with
| the various settings until you get the perfect combination.


Yes, we had those arguments here before. Shading, multiple desktops,
always-on-top, transparency, grouping...


GIMP UI brainstorm

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| This is a visual brainstorm, the channel for everybody to contribute to the
| GIMP UI redesign process. It is moderated by the GIMP UI redesign team. We do
| not post mock-ups here ourselves, we ‘listen’ to what you show us and broaden
| our horizons. *


Second Release Candidate for GIMP 2.4

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| GIMP 2.4.0-RC2 is finally there. The developers have fixed quite some bugs
| since RC1 but it's not the final thing yet.


Gimp 2.3 (preview of 2.4)

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| The major change for this release seems to be a big usability
| overhaul. New defaults are now in place that make the Gimp look
| a little bit like Photoshop, but still has many features that
| make it unique.


Gimp 2.4 RC Released

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| If you want to help by testing this release candidate, you can grab the
| source code from ftp.gimp.org.


ingimp: improving the usability of the GIMP by collecting and analyzing usage

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| ingimp is an instrumented version of the GNU Image Manipulation Program that
| collects real-time usability data, such as the commands used, the size of
| images worked on, and so on. This usability data is automatically transmitted
| to ingimp for anyone to download and analyze. *


Instrumented GIMP To Identify Usability Flaws

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| New users of the GIMP often become frustrated at the application's unwieldy
| user interface. Now Prof. Michael Terry and a group of researchers at the
| University of Waterloo have created ingimp, a modified version of the GIMP
| that collects real-time usability data in order to help the GIMP developers
| find and fix its usability problems. * *


Linux VS Windows usability.

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| It all boils down to knowing what you are doing. Trying to do anything
| without the required knowledge is hard and the professionals make everything
| look easy. I would say that in terms of usability Linux has the upper hand. *