Announcing Miro 1.2 - A Major Update

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| We’ve just released a major update to Miro, version 1.2.

Question to Dennis Howlett: Why are you so bloody stupid?

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| Oh my goodness! Safari running on my Windows XP SP2 system, with six tabs,
| consumes almost 400MB. Firefox 2, while by no means svelte, consumes in the
| high 200s on this system, and that's with considerably more tabs open to the
| same sites. Why is this? Because I use three Firefox plug-ins to keep memory
| consumption down on my systems: Adblock Plus, Adblock Filterset.G
| Updater, and NoScript 1.5.2. These three plug-ins keep ads,
| especially Flash-based ads, off my web pages. Safari, with nothing like them,
| renders everything, and in the process sucks up even more memory than Firefox
| 2.

Internet Explorer is also a resource hog (see below). The blobs (IE and Safari)
just can't beat OSS.


Mozilla: Firefox 3 beats IE7 and Opera in memory tests

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| Work done to plug Firefox's memory leaks and reduce its RAM profile has paid
| off, two of Mozilla's engineers said Friday, as they claimed that the newest
| beta of their open-source browser uses less memory than rivals such as
| Internet Explorer and Opera. * *

Firefox 3 Memory Usage

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| Looking at the graph:
| * All browsers increase in memory use slightly over time, but the Firefox
| 3 slope is closer to 0.
| * The peak of Firefox 3 is lower than the terminal size of Firefox 2!
| * The terminal state of Firefox 3 is nearly 140MB smaller than Firefox 2.
| 60% less memory!
| * IE7 doesn’t appear to give any memory back, even after all the windows
| are closed!
| * Firefox 3 ends up about 400mb smaller than IE7 at the end of the test!