Even Technology Needs Match Made in Heaven

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| Open source has contributed to the development of the One Laptop Per Child
| project. Desktop software offerings, such as the OpenOffice suite and
| Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird are also coined by open source. Tools like
| Apache, JBoss, MySQL and Ruby on Rails have made open source to grow rapidly.
| The combination between open source and web tools ignited the booming
| phenomenon of Web 2.0.



Condition for Success of Embedded Linux

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| As the embedded linux is emerging as an affordable operating system for
| digital TV sets and handsets, community developers are raising their voices
| over the three obstacles on the success of the embedded linux. *



North, South Korea Unite Over Linux

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| The bitter political foes will team with China on the project, tentatively
| named "Hana Linux"


Two Koreas Join Forces to Develop Linux

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| South and North Korea team up to develop a version of ‘Hana Linux
| (tentatively named)’ and set standards.


ODF a National Standard in Korea

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| The proposal for ODF to be accepted as a Malaysian Standard by SIRIM,
| Department of Standards Malaysia and ultimately the Minister of Science,
| Technology & Innovation is dormant for more than a year now. Four months
| after the Malaysian proposal went to sleep, Italy made ODF a National
| Standard. Eight months after that, Korea has followed suit. With this Korean
| news, perhaps the Malaysian proposal will be awakened. * *