Linux And Hand-Me-Down Computing

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| My father recently retired a 1-Ghz AMD computer with 1 Gbyte of RAM that he'd
| built from mail-ordered parts. He'd dropped the cash for a new Dell with
| Vista, which he likes quite a lot (no grousing, please, it happens), and let
| me have the old machine. My first move: Wipe it clean, install Linux, and
| prepare it for an exercise in "hand-me-down computing."

This guy has been a Windows journalist for a long time, but everything he seems
to cover nowadays is Linux.

Another new article from him:

Windows and Linux TCO: Make Your Own Comparison

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| Windows and Linux both require training and experience to use well—and this
| goes doubly so if you’re migrating from one OS to the other and need to
| jettison existing work habits and acquire new ones.

And another new one (in another separate publication):

Mass-migrating Microsoft Word documents to on Linux

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| Is your organization in the process of migrating from Microsoft Word to
| on Linux? If so, your biggest obstacle may not be getting used
| to the new suite, but rather moving from Microsoft's proprietary .doc format
| to OpenOffice's Open Document Format (ODF).

A top PCWorld editor and a former Vista fan trashed the O/S and said he'd
consider Linux. That happened recently and it seems like a trend (decreasing
interesting in Windows).


Linux Job Market Trends: Galloping Forward

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| If you’re a Linux specialist looking for the best paying area of the country,
| your best bet is – no surprise – Silicon Valley, where Linux pros make
| $96,578 (but a cup of coffee costs $11.25). Other top-paying Linux areas are
| Washington, D.C. ($86,882), Los Angeles ($86,618), and New York ($86,305). *

2007: Where the Tech Jobs Are

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| source and Linux skills are very hot. "Linux is one of the fastest
| growing, if not required, then recommended skills that most of the
| sysadmins and operations people have," Melland says. "If you're a systems
| administrator and you don?t have Linux experience, you might want to seek
| that out."
| [...]
| All this migration to Linux and open source means that job openings are
| zooming. Based on Dice statistics, Linux as a recommended skill is up 51%
| this year, and roughly 150% in the last two years.

Linux and Open Source: How They Affect HR Professionals

Linux jobs abound, tech job service says

City of Munich is looking for additional Linux specialists

Spending on open source support services in Canada to soar

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| The market for open source support services is going to boom over
| the next five years, according to a recent Gartner survey.