'Vista Capable' plaintiffs oppose Microsoft appeal

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| For anyone just tuning in, the lawsuit alleges that Microsoft's "Windows
| Vista Capable" logo misled consumers because it was used in cases where the
| underlying hardware wasn't enough to run the operating system's signature
| features. Microsoft disputes that assertion, saying that it considers the
| lower-end Windows Vista Home Basic a bona fide edition of the operating
| system, even without the advanced features.


More new trouble for Vista (nobody wants it):

"For what Vista costs (I have home premium on one of my boxes) in terms of
hardware and forced software upgrades, particularly now in a down economy, it
doesn't make much sense to force it on us. I've recently gone back to trying
out different distributions of Linux; should MS try to force Vista down our
throats, I may just stick with Ubuntu, Xandros or Mepis and get it over with.
While certain features of Vista are intriguing, there's nothing there that I
can't or don't already have in XP with the notable exception of DirectX 10. Do
the right thing MS - continue to make XP available to us all."



E-mail: Microsoft 'botched' dealings with Intel, HP

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| Internal Microsoft e-mails revealed through a federal class-action lawsuit
| arising from the troubled launch last year of the Windows Vista operating
| system have provided a provocative inside look at the software giant's
| machinations with Intel, HP and Dell. *
| The e-mails include an exchange in which one senior Microsoft executive
| described dealings with computer makers as "really botched." Another manager
| complained Microsoft was "caving to Intel" and "really burning HP." *
| The e-mails are included in 145 pages of documents unsealed by U.S. District
| Judge Marsha Pechman in Seattle late Wednesday. They include internal
| reports and some handwritten notes that offer a rare look inside at the
| famed "Wintel" partnership, and touch upon the alliance's dealings with
| Hewlett-Packard, Dell and other computer makers. * *


Microsoft knew of Vista shortcoming prior to release


Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits


Microsoft 'Caves' To Intel


Has Vista lost all credibility?


Intel overwhelmed by EU complaints

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| So many charges, so little time.
| Intel Chairman Craig Barrett appears overwhelmed by a European Union
| investigation into the company's actions. Earlier this month, European
| Competition Commission officials busted open Intel offices in Munich, hunting
| for documents related to alleged price fixing with retailers. That raid added
| to an existing EC investigation into Intel's business practices. * *


Microsoft, Intel and Dell: The Tech Love Triangle

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| It is becoming well known that Microsoft have achieved their current market
| share status by making major computer manufacturers sign licensing deals, so
| as to distribute a copy of Windows with every computer sold. What many people
| don't realise, is how difficult it is to get a computer from the
| manufacturers without Windows. * *
| [...]
| This is first-hand experience of the power of Microsoft's monopolistic
| practices, and it really does annoy me. It seems not so long ago that I
| praised Dell for their support, but along with Microsoft, they have now lost
| a customer entirely. *
| Needless to say, we are now looking to buy a system from a local shop with no
| OS.