Red Hat open-sources security framework

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| Red Hat has open-sourced its identity-management and security system to
| promote its assertion that open-source software provides the most secure
| infrastructure.
| [...]
| According to a blog post by Red Hat's security team, the move "further
| demonstrates Red Hat's belief that the open source development model creates
| more secure software." In addition to offering the Red Hat Certificate System
| to users of its Red Hat Enterprise Linux product, the company also uses it
| internally.

Quote for the day:

"We do NOT want to ship the ’standard’ with Windows because we want to make the
native APIs more attractive. We want to evolve the standard APIs rapidly, and
not have ISVs [independent software vendors] spending time on something that
is cross-platform. "

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * --Chairman Bill Gates

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Aternity Joins Red Hat ISV Partner Program

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| By joining the Red Hat ISV Partner Program and the Red Hat Ready Partner
| Program, Aternity will take advantage of the program's co-marketing and
| co-branding offerings to further its footprint among the global community of
| Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers. * *

Alcatel-Lucent to integrate Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Realtime

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| The collaboration supports Alcatel-Lucent's Dynamic Enterprise commitment to
| interconnecting people, networks, process and knowledge in a flexible, open
| environment while helping Red Hat expand its business. *

Red Hat, Alcatel-Lucent join forces on unified comms

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| Alcatel-Lucent SME products include the OmniPCX Office line of IP PBX systems
| and the Extended Communication Server line of collaboration and
| unified-communications servers, all of which are based on Linux
| distributions.