Linux vendor bags top Eclipse award

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| The Eclipse Foundation awarded its EclipseCon 2008 Technology Awards
| yesterday, and named Wind River Workbench (pictured at left) as the "Best
| Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool." Other award winners included
| EclEmma, Cyrano, Xmind 2008, and MyTourbook.

OSGi successes cited for Android

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| Technologists presenting at the EclipseCon 2008 conference in the US, Tuesday
| afternoon cited industry successes in making OSGi run on Android. OSGi is an
| enabler in the Eclipse plug-in model for software development. By having OSGi
| on Android, applications written to use OSGi, such as Eclipse-based
| applications, could be brought over to Android handsets.


Wind River and ACCESS Extend Partnership into Linux-based Mobile Handset Market

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| The new Wind River-ACCESS solution will come with the backing of two of the
| leading providers in the mobile handset market.


Wind River Demonstrates Open Handset Alliance Android Platform on
STMicroelectronics Nomadik(R) Application Processor

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| The demonstration will show Android on the STMicroelectronics Nomadik family
| of multimedia application processor chips at the Mobile World Congress in
| Barcelona. *

Wind River Ports Two Software Platforms Onto NEC Electronics' Advanced 3G Chip
at Mobile World Congress

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| ...collaboration to demonstrate both the Open Handset Alliance's Android
| platform...

Wind River with Wind River Linux, Development and Management Suites

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| Wind River Linux will include an advanced cross-build system that
| incorporates a structured framework for managing device software components
| as independent “layers.” These layers act as building blocks for developers
| to manage and organize Linux packages; source code or binaries; metadata or
| configuration files; test suites, or even extra files. A new release of Wind
| River Real-Time Core for Linux will also be available. It will include
| support for numerous BSPs, including 64-bit targets across all architectures. * * *

Linux distributor wins automotive award

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| Wind River has been named the Frost & Sullivan 2007 European Automotive
| Software Company of the Year. The award is based on criteria including
| business development, competitive strategy, and leadership in automotive
| telematics. *

Linux phone heavyweights select common dev tools

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| LiMO will reportedly use Wind River's build and configuration system,
| mobile-optimized kernel distribution, and tool chain. The standardization
| will help LiMO achieve its "goal of reducing fragmentation," Wind River said. *

Wind River scores key role in LiMo's Linux smartphone platform

Linux-based consumer products drive Wind River earnings

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| Wind River yesterday announced solid 3Q earnings, touting wins in embedded
| Linux consumer electronics. In its earnings call yesterday, the Alameda,
| Calif.-based embedded Linux OS and tools vendor pointed to the growth in
| Linux-based mobile handsets and telematics as key drivers of the company's
| growth. * *

Wind River Joins LiMo Foundation, Reinforces Commitment to Reduce Complexity of
Linux for Mobile Handsets

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| Wind River becomes the first commercial Linux provider to join the open
| source mobile platform consortium.

Wind River is on the block: IBM is lead buyer

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| Wind River, a leader in real-time and embedded Linux is up for sale. Sources
| close to the deal say IBM is the buyer.

Wind River Unveils New Commercial Grade Linux Platforms

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| This release of Wind River Linux will be based on the 2.6.21 Linux kernel. In
| addition to the advancements made in the 2.6.21 kernel, Wind River will
| provide users with 64-bit application support, including tools for both
| kernel and user space debugging across all supported architectures. *

Wind River Enhances Lab Diagnostics 2.1 And Delivers Innovative Automated Test

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| Building embedded devices with Linux often means working with a vast code
| base, which can introduce a level of uncertainty into the development
| process. With the updated version of Lab Diagnostics, Linux developers will
| be able to resolve some of the risk and uncertainty. *

Wind River acquires patented real-time Linux technology

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| Wind River, one of the world's top embedded software providers, has
| acquired a real-time Linux distribution and patented hard-real-time
| technology from FSMLabs Inc.
| [...]
| In response to the growing popularity of embedded Linux, the company
| several years ago began transitioning to Linux as its second major
| embedded OS platform, alongside VxWorks, but positioned it as a
| solution for non-, or at most "soft-real-time," timing constraints,
| with VxWorks recommended for customers requiring hard-real-time.

Sun's Niagara chip breaks like the Wind River

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| Wind River this week lent a helping hand to one of Sun Microsystems'
| more interesting processor efforts. The software maker announced that
| its telco hardened version of Linux will be tuned for Sun's UltraSPARC
| T1 processor.