[Not even an extensive army of Munchkins and marketing people can make up for
endless crimes and bad products like Home Server, Zune and Vista.]

Microsoft Plummets, Retail Falls While Beauty Gains in CoreBrand 2007 Brand
Power Rankings

,----[ Quote ]
| The annual "CoreBrand Brand Power 100" Branding Index(R) of 1,200 US
| corporations ranks Coca-Cola Company and Johnson & Johnson at #1 and #2
| respectively, unchanged since 2004. Meanwhile, Microsoft's corporate brand
| declined in stunning fashion over the past four years, falling from 11 in
| 2004 to 59 in 2007 Microsoft, a decline of 48 places!


Microsoft's position as a place to work in took a dive this year as well
(reference appended at the bottom).

Just watch how every sane company is distancing itself from Microsoft.

China's Alibaba plans to buy Yahoo-held stake amid Microsoft bid: report

,----[ Quote ]
| Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba is in advanced talks with investors to buyout
| a 39 percent stake in the company held by Yahoo to help ensure future
| independence, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.



,----[ Quote ]
| Would you believe... that Microsoft has dropped down to #86 within the
| Fortune Best Places to Work survey? That's down from #50 in 2007 and #42 in
| 2006. Like a rock. In a bad way. And who is #1 for two years in a row? Grab
| that chair and give it a big effen toss in the air to Google! Toot! They get
| bigger and they're still #1. * *