Solutions Providers High Five Fast Growth Vendors

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| Hart sees the Linux open source momentum continuing with wider possible
| adoption of Linux on the desktop. "It has already taken place on the
| backend," he said. "As a professional services company we are hopeful Linux
| and open source on the desktop is going to be a growth opportunity like
| identity management."
| Data Technique has already been successful deploying a wireless-based Linux
| open source desktop solution for an 800-student private school in St. Louis.
| That project was green lighted in part because of significant cost savings
| verus a Microsoft solution.
| Hart said he sees a big fast growth opportunity doing head-to-head
| comparisons with Microsoft's Vista. "The Vista hardware requirements are cost
| prohibitive when you have desktops and laptops out there that are past
| schedule on a refresh already," he said. "The fact that companies that
| already have Linux in house and are looking at a Vista refresh may fuel Linux
| desktop adoption."


Broken Windows

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| Not since Windows ME or Mac OS X 10.0 have I observed a more troubled
| consumer operating system. This is a difficult post to write, because I
| really don't want to beat on Microsoft about Vista yet again. *

3 moments in Vista that make me consider Linux

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| 1. Explorer crashing over and over and over and over and over again
| 2. Included software being criminally rubbish
| 3. The DRM is getting me down.

Linux vs. Windows - All You Need to Know

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| Linux already powers everything from supercomputers to mobile phones. Google
| runs more than 10,000 Linux servers. switched to Linux and saved a
| cool $17 million. The French National Assembly has started using Ubuntu on
| more than 1,000 computers. Since the blockbuster movie "Shrek," the
| DreamWorks studio has been using Linux to render its 3-D graphics and special
| effects.
| [...]
| Windows Vista
| What's best about it?
| Everything looks sharper and more vivid than it does on the outgoing Windows
| XP. The new Flip 3D application helps you quickly switch between the
| different windows, and the search features have been greatly improved, too.
| What's worst about it?
| Six months after it launched, gripes continue. Many people still complain
| that they can't run their favorite programs on Vista, so many others are
| holding off upgrading from XP until a second edition of Vista arrives.
| How much does it cost?
| Around Pounds 180 ($365) for the home Premium edition (Pounds 120 -- or
| $243 -- if you have XP already). If you want all the bells and whistles, go
| for the Ultimate edition at around Pounds 320 ($648).

Linux VS Windows

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| Is Linux missing a window of opportunity by not allowing proprietary software
| to run on it natively? Vista for one has not been selling good for Microsoft.
| To many complaints about how much resources it uses and how much it cost. Not
| to mention compatibility with both software and hardware.

Windows Vista: Five Broken Promises

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| I'm willing to put up with all those headaches, certainly more so than Jim
| Louderback. But there were several things I was really looking forward to in
| Vista that are simply missing in action or broken.