An Early Look At KDE 4.1

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| The first alpha release of KDE 4.1 isn't planned until the end of April, but
| this past weekend the OpenSuSE team had updated their KDE Four Live spin
| against the latest KDE 4.0.66 snapshot packages. The KDE 4.0.66 development
| packages contain new Kickoff and Plasma features along with much other work
| to the numerous packages that will ultimately make up this first major update
| to KDE 4.

KDE Commit Digest: Issue 101, 9th March 2008

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| Support for alternate direction layouts (vertical, horizontal) in Kickoff.
| Improvements in the Device Notifier applet, with support for window icons in
| the Pager Plasmoid in Plasma, with the "Trash" applet moving into kdebase,
| the "Luna" applet moving to extragear, and the "Contacts" and "Converter"
| runners moving into kdereview

Using Full KDE: Almost There

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| KDE by far offers the best integrated experience. Just about all applications
| integrate into each other, which in many ways is good, although, there are
| problems.


KDE 4.1: Visual Changelog (rev 783000)

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| You don’t always see this in the official changelogs but the KDE 4
| development is progressing in an extraordinary speed. After a deep look at
| rev 777000 we are presenting you a new visual review of changes made to KDE 4
| during the last couple of weeks. *

Switching from KDE to WinXP #2

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| Conclusion
| I have looked at several features that KDE?s Konqueror has but that
| WinXP's Explorer doesn't have. I have also mentioned a few of the
| things I don't like about Explorer and often why I think Konqueror's way of
| doing it is better. You may have noticed that there is nothing positive
| about Explorer. That is true and it is not for lack of trying. The fact is,
| for me, the way I work, there is just nothing special about Explorer. I
| didn't find any feature that struck me as being especially cool or useful
| that Konqueror didn?t also have.
| Switching from KDE to WindowsXP at work has seriously impaired my
| productivity.

Kubuntu KDE4: Rock On!

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| For one, using the modified Kubuntu version of KDE4 is really nice. The
| Kubuntu developers have added applications that make the KDE4 experience
| complete, without having places where functionality is skipped, such as
| package management. There is also improved functionality with the panel at
| the bottom of the screen. Applications can now be added to the panel, and the
| panel can be moved around, resized, and configured. Also, when clicking on
| the clock in the panel, a calendar shows up. Very handy! * * *
| [...]
| There are so many features included that I am still discovering them. KDE 4 +
| Kubuntu is certainly a perfect match! I will certainly write more about this
| system as I learn more and get a better knowledge of it’s features. *

KDE at CeBIT 2008

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| During the event, members of the KDE projects gave a couple of talks in the
| Linux Forum. On Saturday, Franz Keferböck talked about graphic effects in
| KDE4 and Sven Krohlas gave an introduction to Amarok, while on Sunday,
| Carsten Niehaus and Frederik Gladhorn performed a live demonstration of KDE4
| and its applications. * *

ReviewLinux.Com: First Look Linux Mint 4.0 KDE

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| Thought I would take a quick look at the latest release of Linux Mint. Linux
| Mint 4.0 KDE is just under 1.0 gig and now has to be placed on a DVD. The
| install process was easy and smooth. The LiveDVD works fine also but I
| decided to install it to my hard drive and take a few screenshots for your
| enjoyment.