Dell's Desktop Linux Strategy: So Far, So Good

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| Dell insiders tell me customer reaction to the company's Ubuntu PCs,
| introduced in June, has been good.

11 Reasons To Use Ubuntu

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| I went down to check out the local “Software Freedom Day” recently and was
| rewarded for my effort with a test drive of the Feisty Fawn 7.04 operating
| system from Ubuntu, an open source, “community developed [GNU/Linux]
| operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers.”


What Dell's desktop Linux move means

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| Some of you may be thinking, "Why is this such a big deal?" Linspire
| has been successful in getting smaller OEMs (original equipment
| manufacturers) to offer Linux on the desktop for years. Some small
| OEMs, such as All Around Geeks and System76, offer their own
| house-brand Linux desktops. Other companies, such as EmperorLinux,
| have long sold brand-name computers from Lenovo, Panasonic, Sharp,
| and even Dell after they installed Linux on them.

Google starts running Dell Linux Desktop ads

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| While working on my personal blog site, which happens to have Google
| Adsense ads running on it, I was surprised to find Google ads for
| Linux-powered Dell desktops showing up.