Flipping the Linux switch: Installations are disturbingly easy

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| When the liveCD is finally in our hot little hands, the fun (really!) begins.
| Our computer restarts, and the drive whirrs. Since we want to install or run
| a liveCD, we'll take the appropriate option when it shows up on our screen.
| Hold on to your hats, Linux is booting!



SYS-Linux, aka why you should leave distro-making to the pros

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| In the DistroWatch Weekly comments for this issue, I came across a
| distribution called "SYS-Linux", which is currently in pre-alpha state. It
| was an attempt to create an easy-to-use, complete distribution which assumed
| the user didn't know anything about computing. Its main claim to fame is
| apparently that it can be installed without a wizard- the user doesn't have
| to answer any questions. Wow! So the user doesn't have to set up the disks so
| that they don't lose any data, doesn't have to set up a user account for
| themselves so that the system isn't completely screwed if it's hacked, and
| doesn't even have to set up the boot loader (whatever it may happen to be)?
| Wow... A newbie's dream come true! * * * *


Ubuntu 1, Windows 0

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| I installed Ubuntu on the Toshiba laptop. Ubuntu installed in 15 minutes - 49
| for Windows XP and 125 for Windows Vista. Ubuntu's desktop came right up. I
| opened the pre-installed Firefox browser and found I could browse the Web
| immediately. Ubuntu installed a network adaptor for the Toshiba laptop. *
| I shake my head at this Windows foolishness!


The day of the Linux desktop

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| The idea here is that this is something almost anyone can do, almost anywhere
| in the world, without any central organization or, indeed, any organization
| at all. This is not Linux World or Linux Continent or Linux Country or Linux
| State or even Linux City or Linux Village. And it's not a year, a month, or
| even a week. It's just one day. * *


Installing A New Printer. Windows vs. Linux

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| Windows - 40 Minutes
| [...]
| Linux - 2 Minutes
| While I was waiting for the first round of software to install on Windows, I
| turned to my laptop running Ubuntu to see if I could get it setup to print as
| well. I launched the printing configuration tool. Clicked on "New Printer".
| Typed in the IP address I had assigned to the printer and selected the model
| number. * *


How To Install Gutsy Gibbon - A 21 Step Guide For Technical Support

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| 1. “First, insert the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 CD into your cup holder.”
| 2. “Press the power button on your computer, and hold it until it shuts off.”
| 3. “Good. Now press the power button again.”
| 4. “We’re going to see some white on black text fly by, please don’t read it
| * * to me.”
| 5. “Let me know when you’ve got a screen that says Ubuntu in brown and
| * * orange.”
| 6. “Ok, press the ‘Enter’ key.”


Vista Ultimate vs. Ubuntu 7.04 - Which Install Is Easier?

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| So less than 3 hours into this experiment, I have both Vista and Ubuntu
| installed and patched. Both systems are stable, more or less, but both
| systems have quirks. Neither system worked perfectly, but much to my surprise
| the Ubuntu system worked better, (once I got the keyboard working). More
| hardware worked without needing to download additional drivers. More over,
| there is moreover, the desktop that I do have is more functional -
| applications like GIMP, Open Office, and a slew of multi-media apps are far
| more useful than Wordpad, Paint and the slew of crap that Vista comes with. * * *


Linux is not only better than windows, it is also easier to install and

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| This post inspired me to write this comparison, side by side, specially
| where it says, that windows users says that "Linux is hard to install", so I
| wanted to test it.


Linux is Easier to Install than Windows!

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| A brief, but honest description of why Linux is better than Windows!


[Installing Linux from Windows] Wubi Review

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| In conclusion, this tool is certainly one of the easiest ways of letting
| people try Ubuntu without removing Windows or having to partition their hard
| drive for a dual-boot. *I have enjoyed this tool, and although it is still in
| beta, it works very well and is very stable. *So, if you are running a
| computer with Windows and want to give Ubuntu a try, then this is the
| solution for you. * *


Installing Ubuntu, a world without Windows

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| The "Welcome" page will start. I chose English and then I clicked the forward
| button. On the Time Zone page, you click a city on the map. I clicked St
| John's, the city listed for the Newfoundland Time Zone. Click forward again.
| I picked US English keyboard and clicked forward for the third time.
| Now, the partition wizard starts up. Choose one of the guided installs. You
| will usually have more than one choice here and they depend on your
| particular machine. You may be able to resize your existing partition to only
| use the available space on it, or you can choose to use the full hard drive
| for Ubuntu.