Open Source developer to bankroll ‘Pinoy’ startups

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| According to him, bankrolling the startups would jumpstart the building of a
| Morph Applications ecosystem in Asia with the Philippines as base area. This
| ecosystem would consist of developers, users and other venture capitalists,
| as well as other possible stakeholders.


23,000 Linux PCs forge education revolution in Philippines

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| Providing high school students with PCs is seen as a first step to preparing
| them for a technology-literate future, but in the Philippines many schools
| cannot afford to provide computing facilities so after a successful
| deployment of 13,000 Fedora Linux systems from a government grant, plans are
| underway to roll out another 10,000 based on Ubuntu. * *

Venture capitalist firm upbeat about local open source market

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| UNLIKE other provinces in the country, Cebu’s open source software community
| is a rapidly growing market, a Filipino venture capitalist said.
| “Cebuanos are like the Japanese, who have an open-minded market. It’s a
| matter of time for the open source community here to grow tremendously
| because of your nature to be forward-thinkers,” said US-based Global Gateway
| Venture Capital chairman Winston Damarillo. * *


NCC to tie up with NGO for open source project

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| The National Computer Center (NCC) is looking at working with
| local non-governmental organization in developing open source
| applications under the former's eLGU government project.

FOSS and e-Governance

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| And there you have it: FOSS in e-government projects work; they're
| cost effective; and they've been met by LGU officials with warm
| welcome. So to reiterate the question: why isn't government
| adopting more FOSS applications to improve local processes?
| The main reason, it seems, is the lack of awareness.


Too late to discredit open source, advocates say

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| "It's too late," exclaimed Winston Damarillo, founder and
| chairman of software development firm Exist Global, in an
| interview with Computerworld Philippines. "Open source
| is all over the place."
| [...]
| Anson Uy, president of Touch Solutions (a Red Hat Linux company),
| earlier on broke the news to Computerworld Philippines about the
| alleged "funded missions" by some software firms to discredit open
| source, although he did not identify any company.
| Anson revealed among the top three actions against FOSS are being
| done through "sponsored studies, piracy of open source developers,
| and bold press releases."