Greetings from OSiM USA

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| The theory is simple: We work together; the open source community and Nokia.
| We provide excellent devices and services to end users in large volumes with
| attractive terms. In addition to software and product development, we need
| great marketing, smooth distribution, and good manufacturing. We also need to
| support various business models that can deliver the devices and services to
| our customers. Excellent devices, available everywhere, with the right price.
| Simple….

"One person in Helsinki can quickly write the core of a sophisticated operating

--John Warden, lead attorney at Microsoft


Review: Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

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| The battery life is a little limiting, with about four hours’ continuous
| use – not enough for a busy working day. Beyond the internet, the N810 is a
| powerful portable computer in its own right. It runs a mobile version of the
| Linux operating system, with plenty of applications available for download. *

Using external USB storage, Bluetooth headsets with the Nokia N810

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| We have a few nifty Nokia Internet Tablet tricks for you today. The first
| comes from Kate Alhola, Nokia's chief Maemo engineer, who wrote a blog entry
| explaining how to use external USB storage devices with the Nokia N810.
| Apparently, the N810 supports USB-OTG, which adds basic USB host support to
| the device, making it possible to use a limited range of USB peripherals. * *

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

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| The N810, like its predecessors the N800 and N770, isn't a phone. It's a
| Linux-based handheld computer that connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or with
| a Bluetooth connection through a mobile phone. Nokia has finally gotten the
| form factor right; the N810 is a pleasure to hold and to use. *

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

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| The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is the third model in this companies series of
| traditional handhelds, and the best so far. It is the first with integrated
| GPS capabilities and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. *
| This Linux-based device lets you connect to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot with
| 802.11b/g, and if that isn't enough, it can connect via Bluetooth to a mobile
| phone. You can then access the Web with the best mobile browser currently
| available, watch streaming video, make VoIP calls, and much more. *

Review of Nokia N810

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| Due to the heavy marketing by Apple and Amazon, you are surely by now
| familiar with the iPhone and Kindle. Those are very interesting devices, but
| I recently made a comparison between them and the new Nokia N810 and, in the
| end, went with the N810. *

Nokia N810 review

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| Like the N800, the N810 delivers one of the best experiences in mobile web
| browsing on the market. The new browser that ships with OS2008 is truly
| outstanding, and most of the rest of OS2008 is pretty darn impressive too.
| For Linux enthusiasts as well as regular users, Nokia's Maemo-based software
| platform offers power, flexibility, and ease of use. * *

Nokia N810: unboxing and first impressions

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| My shiny new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet was delivered yesterday. After
| fondling it for most of the day, I'm relatively impressed. The N810 is a bit
| smaller than the N800, which makes it more comfortable to use and easier to *
| tote around in a pocket. *

Laptops lookout - New Nokia N810 Internet Tablet hits store shelves

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| Nokia announced today that the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet has begun
| shipping nationwide in the United States. *With a new slide-out keyboard,
| built-in GPS, digital audio/video playback and Wi-Fi capability for VoIP
| calling, the Nokia N810 provides the functionality of a traditional computer
| but all in one sleek, stylish and portable device. * *