The conference is already over. It seems to have had some very
interesting presentations, some of which I list below. I've tried to
list the presentations related to specific migrations, but there are
numerous interesting general presentations that I didn't list.

You can put the page through and get the main ideas, if
you don't know German.

I include links to PDFs of the German-language slide presentations. The
translated titles I provide are not very precise, but I tried to include
the most relevant elements.

The first year using LiMux Clients in Munich, by Florian Schiessl
director of the LiMux project since 2003

Freiburg's migration (with reference to monetary and
non-monetary motivations), by Ruediger Czieschla, an IT leader of the
city of Freiburg since 2003 and director of the OpenOffice migration

Swiss strategy for digital longevity/survival (with reference to
software patents and open source), by Marcus M. Dapp, ETH Zurich

Experience from the first year of using Linux clients in Canton
Solothurn, Switzerland, by Kurt Bader, El. engineer ETH Zurich,