GPL Project Watch List for Week of 03/14

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| Here's to a Happy St. Patty's Day, the one day we wish "free" meant "free as
| in beer". If the open source movement was really about free beer, we would
| have 59 extra pints, aka 59 new GPL v3 projects this week. That brings our
| database to 1952 GPL v3 projects, 48 projects shy of the next milestone of
| 2000 GPL v3 projects. At the rate current adoption, we will hit 2000 projects
| by next week. If this rate keeps up, the GPL v3 may have 5000 projects under
| its belt by the end of the year. The LGPL v3 count is currently at 177 LGPL
| v3 projects and the GPL v2 or Later number is at 6439 projects.

Nice find in GL about interpretation of code as art worth sharing.

Given Enough Eyeballs

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| While open source is a term often applied to software, code and intellectual
| property under a strict set of rules, this philosophy/way of working is
| applicable to a wide range of objects and activities. Wikipedia, a web-based,
| free content encyclopedia is one of the more famous examples. This
| exhibition, curated by Annette Monnier, takes the idea of open source
| software and applies it to art and artists' practice. Using both traditional
| and new media, including online applications and specially created software,
| the artists in the show approach a problem/task, collaboratively, and find a
| common way to "work it out."

Related: goes to LGPLv3

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| You may recall that a team from Sun devoted a great deal of time to the
| process of drafting the GPLv3. Our engagement was not just the monitoring
| exercise that I suspect it was for many of the corporate participants. It was
| always my hope that Sun would use the license for significant software
| projects.

Mark Webbink On: GPLv3

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| This week Mark Webbink, former Red Hat General Counsel discusses the GPLv3
| and talks about the limits of sharing, the mellowing out of Linus Torvalds,
| and issues with the LGPLv3.


Sun tiptoes into GPLv3

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| Sun Microsystems will release its xVM Ops Center virtualisation management
| application under the General Public Licence version 3 (GPLv3), the company
| revealed at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

Why does Microsoft seem scared of GPLv3?

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| Microsoft is extremely keen to avoid "legal debate" over whether its recent
| partnerships with Linux firms such as Novell, Xandros, and Linspire, mean
| Redmond must assume any of the new licenses' legal obligations. *