Make a penguin do your bidding: a review of the Tux Droid

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| Linus Torvalds, the creator of the open-source Linux kernel, was once mauled
| by a very small penguin while on a trip in Australia. The experience had a
| lasting impact on him and later inspired him to make a penguin the official
| Linux mascot. Developer Larry Ewing created the first graphical rendering of
| the Linux penguin, which countless Linux users around the world know today as
| Tux.
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| The Tux Droid is a very well-designed toy, but its inherent usefulness and
| practicality in any non-toy context is debatable. The Tux Droid's primary
| practical features are support for providing passive notifications and
| enabling remote control interaction with desktop applications.


Tux Droid - Talking Linux Penguin

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| Apparently, though, I am mistaken because that's exactly what is sitting in
| front of me right now, and it's not just an effigy of the much-loved penguin,
| but a wirelessly connected moving speaking robot or sorts. More curiously,
| unlike most every piece of hardware on the planet, rather than having to hunt
| for hours on end to find a Linux driver, you'll discover that that only Linux
| users can use the Tux Droid as Windows drivers aren't available. * *

Review: Tux Droid

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| Advanced Linux users can really put their programming skills to the test with
| Tux Droid. Develop applications, code new daemons or even hack the firmware.

Tux Droid for Linux lovers

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| The Tux Droid comes with an IR receiver and transmitter, and remember it is
| only, uinfortunately, compatible with Linux run systems.